Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 33 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards experience the product we offer. Atalanta services their customers from the beginning stages of product introduction to the end user: the consumer.” This focus on consumer satisfaction means that Atalanta has, since inception, focused heavily on food safety and quality control, as Tom is eager to emphasize. “To ensure quality for our customers, Atalanta and our sister companies have invested aggressively in Food Safety/Quality Assurance Programs. The reliability and quality of our supplier's product is our top priority. Our teams consistently update their education/certification and training in the food safety sector.” “As part of this focus on food safety, all of our suppliers must pass strict Quality Assurance Programs, protecting and enhancing our suppliers' brands equity is our priority. We require all our suppliers to provide annual GFSI level third-party audits, HACCP plans, allergen control and food security programs. We also partner with SGS International. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team inspects the incoming product and maintains product specifications to ensure the delivery of quality products to our customers. Atalanta employees have visited over 100 supplier plants in 10 countries across four continents.” Looking to the future, Tom foresees many exciting developments for the firm as it seeks to further enhance its success by adapting Established in 1945, Atalanta began its journey to success by importing Polish hams. Today, the firm introduces thousands of unique items from across the globe. The expansion of Atalanta’s portfolio and customer base over the past 70 plus years has paralleled the growth of the market’s demand for quality and specialty imported foods, as Tom explores in his initial comments. “Over time we have developed strong partnerships with our suppliers, gained market knowledge and logistical and food safety expertise to provide our customers with high-quality products, reliable service and innovative opportunities for growth. We pursue innovative solutions and relentlessly source the global market for new products with the highest quality standards. We also partner with our customers to help them grow their business by providing them with product knowledge, in-depth education/ training and culinary expertise.” “The company has a clear mission and vision statement that we continue to communicate with our team in town hall meetings, corporate communications and events. Our suppliers, business development and culinary teams provide new product training to our employees. Our full-service Marketing and Creative Service Department supports both our sales team and customers with custom marketing materials. We give away samples of new product for our employees to try and keep them engaged in the fact that we are a food company and that we should all With roots stretching back nearly 75 years ago, Atalanta Corporation is a third- generation family-owned food business that relies on the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of its people and suppliers. Thomas Gellert, President of Atalanta, provides us with a unique insight into the company and how it ensures quality in all the products it imports. Atalanta Corporation Best Specialty Deli Food Importer - New Jersey around the developments it will encounter over the coming years. “Overall, in today’s market the consumer expects more transparency in the product they are purchasing. Atalanta can bring them directly to the source. Our suppliers have real stories of authenticity, tradition and heritage. As a business we understand that we have to be nimble to trends and understand the diversification of the consumers' taste. Being aware and one step ahead is what our customers rely on us for, and our team relentlessly seeks the new and innovative to introduce to the market.” “Thanks to this approach we know that, whatever the future may bring, we will be ready. At Atalanta we are thrilled that the consumer is becoming more engaged with food and diversity. We expect to continue and help them on the journey with foods and are excited for the developments that the future holds for us.” Company: Atalanta Corporation Contact: Marissa DeMaio, Director of Marketing Address: 1 Atalanta Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07206, USA Phone: 001 908 372 1776 Website: