Food & Drink Awards 2018

Page 34 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Boswells Estate is a stunning venue which is perfect for a unique wedding. With its own farm, the estate is able to supply its own produce and provide delicious catering, as well as welcoming hospitality. We invited Aly Boswell to tell us more. Boswells Estate Most Romantic Wedding Venue 2018 - Ayrshire Nestled in the heart of Auchinleck Estate, which has been owned by the Boswell family since 1504, Boswells Estate was restored by the family in 2014, with the focus being on creating a homely atmosphere that guests could enjoy. Aly talks us through the story of how the estate has morphed into a unique space for awe- inspiring weddings and functions. “Our restoration of Boswells Estate was part of the farm diversification plan that we had for the estate. We realised that being a mile off the main road we would need to make our home a special destination points rather than a place to drop in for a cup of coffee. “As such, we sought to make the place feel as if you were walking into a home rather than a shop and the front hall has two separate sets of leather sofas and chairs and a nice wood burning stove, so that people can come in and read the daily and local newspapers whilst sitting in a comfortable chair enjoying a good cup of coffee in the warm. The eating area has been kept very roomy so that wheelchair users or indeed mothers with prams can fit in without being cramped for space. We never wanted to advertise the Coach House and slowly but surely it built up a consistent footfall which led to people asking if they could be married here. Experience led us to realise that we needed another space for weddings, and as such my son Rory decided that we would built a permanent marquee within the grounds.” As a result, Rory built the marquee nestled in between trees behind the old stable block which was renovated at the same time as the Coach Houses, this has a lovely ground floor room which makes a beautifully intimate room to get married in, whilst upstairs there is a luxury flat for our wedding couples to use. There are wonderful stone steps and pillars leading up to a large area of decking which surrounds the actual marquee, the decking is edged with timber half rounds and the bar inside. Today, the venue offers an innovative space for anyone seeking a naturally beautiful venue. However, weddings are about much more than just the venue, and as such Aly has bought together a team of experts who are each able to advise clients on their specific area of expertise. Aly is understandably proud of how hard they work and keen to explain their various roles and how these all come together to create an unforgettable experience for every couple and their guests. “From the beginning, we knew that Boswells Estate would offer couples the chance to make this feel as if they were getting married in their own home and not somewhere where they would have to conform to the set rules of the premises. Initially all couples are met by Sue Howatt, who shows them around and explains that unlike a lot of venues we will lay out the tables and chairs in the marquee and in the stables if needed for their marriage ceremony, and then we say that they are welcome to come here two days before their wedding to put up decorations and dress their tables etc to make it a really personal experience. “Additionally, Steven Adair, our award- winning chef will also make contact with the couple and discuss the options for their big day, this leads onto a tasting for the couple to visually see and indeed taste the food they think they would like. “Another core member of our team is Sharon Britton, who is in charge of the marquee and runs the bar has been with us from day one and is a lovely smiley unflappable person who is always there to help if needed. Our bar in the venue is really well stocked and offers a wide variety of spirits. Our wine comes from the renowned firm Corney & Barrow and our local branch in Ayr, offer couples who wish to go for a more expensive package of wine the opportunity of going for a tasting session to decide what they would like. Together, we support our clients to create the wedding of their dreams.” Looking ahead, Boswells Estates will continue to flourish as Aly and her team further enhance its facilities to better serve their valued clientele. “Following the success of our wedding venture, we are now working on plans to open a farm shop in the spring of 2019, where we will sell our own beef produced from grass fed cattle from this estate. Steven Adair will also be making some of the favourite soups and dishes served in the Coach House for customers to purchase. Some products will be available in the Coach House in November prior to the shop opening in the spring of 2019, and we are excited about this latest chapter in the Boswells Estate adventure and the opportunities it will bring.” Company: Boswells Estate Contact: Aly Boswell Address: Auchinleck Estate, Ayrshire, KA18 2LR, UK Phone: 01290 553145 Website: