Food & Drink Awards 2018

Page 36 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Drawing on its vast experience in the industry, Destilla GmbH creates delicious natural flavourings. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind the success of its innovative product range. Destilla GmbH Awarded: Best Natural Flavourings Manufacturer 2018 Founded in 1969, Destilla supplies its natural flavourings to clients across the natural foods market around the world. The firm’s distinctive natural flavours and compositions are as pure and genuine as their origin: nature. To consistently achieve maximum quality, the firm use only the freshest hand-picked natural products. Many of them come directly from regional sources to ensure freshness. With flavours across the full taste range, including sweet, spicy and salty, Destilla is able to supply clients in a range of markets, including the beverage industry. Organic, natural and high-quality, the firm’s products are central to its success, and as such Destilla has invested heavily in research and development over the years to ensure it continues to enhance its portfolio. As a manufacturer of natural flavours, the dedicated team at Destilla work exclusively with precious natural products. To make the best possible use of these natural resources, the team process them in a particularly gentle manner. Whether it is fresh regional herbs, exotic fruits from Latin America or noble spices from India: only the best raw materials from sustainable agriculture are good enough for subsequent processing at Destilla. This is Destilla’s commitment to ensuring the consistently high taste quality of all of its products. To ensure its ongoing success, Destilla stands for long-term partnerships, some of which have been in place since its foundation, cooperative developments and good technical support. Whether it is from farmers next door or in the world’s most remote locations, the team at Destilla pay a great deal of attention to the origin and regional sourcing of our raw materials. Family-owned, the firm has always prided itself on working closely with its collaborators and clients to support them and help them use its products to the best of their abilities. As a result of this approach, Destilla has grown together with their clients and industry partners, a fact which makes the team incredibly proud. Alongside its focus on excellence for clients, Destilla is also keen to limit its ecological footprint and that of its suppliers and clients. By aiming to use water, electricity and gas in as sparing a manner as possible, the firm is continuously shrinking its ecological footprint, even as it increases production. Looking ahead, Destilla has a bright future in front of it as the firm looks set to continue the construction of its second production plant, which will allow it to further enhance its success and supply an even wider range of clients over the years to come. Company: Destilla GmbH Contact: Michael Feil Address: Erninger Straße 2, 86720 Nördlingen, Germany Phone: +49 9081 273827 0 Fax: +49 9081 273827 50 Website: Instagram: _destilla_