Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 37 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Located in the heart of Cambridge, East Roast Coffee is an artisan coffee shop selling the finest coffee, tea and hot chocolate possible to an array of discerning drinkers. As part of our overview of the best purveyors of fine foods and beverages who were recognised in this year’s Food & Drink Awards we profile the firm and share an insight into the values that drive it. East Roast Coffee Best Independent Artisan Coffee Shop - East England sustainable and socially responsible way. All the green coffee they buy is ethically traded and traceable. They pay a fair price for their high-quality coffee. Their aim is to ensure that each farmer they work with can help to build a sustainable coffee economy for the future, and as such East Roast Coffee are proud to collaborate with them and provide their quality, sustainably sourced coffee to every customer who visits. Guests can also complement their artisan crafted coffee with an indulgent choice from the East Roast Coffee’s carefully chosen and locally supplied sweet and savoury collection. There’s even Wi-Fi so guests can indulge in their favourite coffee and treats whilst perusing the web, catching up with friends or having a quiet break from it all. Currently, East Roast Coffee has an array of exceptional reviews and a loyal client base, with TripAdvisor reviewers voting the establishment either 5 or 4 stars. Looking to the future, the team will remain committed to retaining and enhancing this exceptional reputation for excellence and growing its client base. Company: East Roast Coffee Contact: Nathaniel Edwards Address: 8 Mill Lane, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3HZ, UK Phone: 01223 834214 Website: Offering a range of delicious coffees, snacks and light bites, East Roast Coffee is a great destination for a quick drink, a light lunch or to grab a drink on the go. Catering to a range of customers, this prestigious coffee shop prides itself on providing only the highest possible quality of drinks and delicacies so that every customer it serves leaves completely refreshed. Every member of the team at East Roast Coffee is committed to truly great coffee. There are two types of coffee bean: about 70% of coffee beans are Arabica, which originated in the Middle East. Robusta, which originally came from the Congo, has a slightly more bitter taste and double the caffeine. There are natural sugars in the coffee beans. Roasting causes the sugars caramelise. The longer the beans roast the more sugar is lost. The really dark roast coffees may not have any sucrose left at all. It is so popular that Coffee is the world’s the most traded commodity after crude oil. The original energy snack was made of coffee berries mixed with fat. Coffee berry pulp was also used to make wine. Around 40% of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil, followed by Colombia and Vietnam. East Roast Coffee welcomes connoisseurs to sample its delicious blends, and the team is always on hand to share their knowledge and expertise with their valued clientele. The café’s exceptional Arabica coffee comes from an ethical UK roastery that works directly with specialist coffee farmers and co-operatives. They source their coffee in a