Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 47 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Lorenzo’s, situated in a Grade II listed former Gin House in the heart of Carmarthen, offers spectacular views of the Castle from our heated outdoor terrace. We profile the eatery to find out more about the secrets behind its incredible success. Lorenzo's Cafe Bar of the Year 2018 - Carmarthenshire local family operated suppliers from butchers to market vegetable stalls. Alongside this focus on the local, the team also like to support a number of bigger brands including Brecon Gin, Caws Cenarth and Penderyn, to showcase and boast about the products which have come out of Wales. Overall, keeping ahead of the trend is paramount in the hospitality industry, and as such, for Lorenzo's 2019 will see the launch of the eatery’s Champagne Terrace. Based on similar concepts in London and Manhattan, this project will create a new attraction for Carmarthen. The spectacular terrace overlooking Carmarthen’s Castle will attract both local residents, and tourists alike, into Nott Square and the town centre; which in turn works towards the greater goal of increasing footfall into Carmarthen town centre which would positively impact local businesses and the local economy. This development will offer the establishment many exciting opportunities to further enhance its reputation for excellence. Company: Lorenzo's Contact: James Healey & Matt Marzano Address: Nott Square, Carmarthen, SA31 1PQ, UK Phone: 0798 900 1000 Website: Email: [email protected] Thanks to its vast experience in the hospitality industry, today Lorenzo’s is one of the largest brands of leisure establishment in Carmarthen and is renowned for leading the way and setting the trends in the industry. The European Caffe Bar brand started in Swansea seven years ago where it experienced a huge success being the ‘bar to be seen in’. When it began, Lorenzo’s was keen to firmly establish a strong local brand, offering much more than a place to eat and drink. As such, the brand made a significant investment in Carmarthen, refurbishing and totally renovating the shut down and boarded up Grade II listed Angels Vaults establishment. Today, the team feel that they have led, discovered and created a new trend and experience and set a new standard in Carmarthen late night drinking, with no additional funding. These days the bar / restaurant industry is far more than a good pint or a nice meal, those were the pub days and they have gone. It is now all about the experience – the service, the staff, the vibe, the deco, the presentation of the cocktail, or beer or food and the ambience of the venue. It is this experience which has catapulted Lorenzo’s success in West Wales. Since inception, the brand has set firm roots in Carmarthen over the last four years, and the brand is continually adapting to meet the ever- evolving needs of its valued guests. The focus remains on supporting the local community to this very day. Lorenzo's employs a team of 12 which are all locally housed Carmarthen residents, who contribute back into their local town. As a business, the eatery uses