Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 53 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Although not the most efficient method, it is traditional and keeps the quality of the oils at a top level. As such, although the firm’s products are not produced en-masse, they are of the highest possible quality, and the firm’s clients are willing to pay for this. Ultimately, the food and drink markets are tough, with low margins, dominated by few big companies. As a niche player Olwerk understands that to be success they have to accept no compromise in quality, and this remains the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and prosperous future. Company: Olwerk Obst GmbH Contact: Henning Borchers Address: Gervinusstr. 19, D-10629, Berlin, Germany Phone: 0049 30 889 444 16 Website: Specialising in fresh flax seed oil, Olwerk is a small company which focuses on quality. Flax seed oil is a very healthy oil, full of omega-3 fatty acids. Due to the high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil has a shelf life of only eight weeks, and as such, Ölwerk produces its products locally for clients based across Berlin, so that they can enjoy this unique product as fresh as possible. Local suppliers are also used to ensure freshness and quality. Olwerk know each and every one of its suppliers and are assured of the freshness of their products which ensures that clients can rest assured that they are receiving a quality oil that is nutritious and fresh. As a low-tech company, Olwerk works with traditional screw extruders. Oils are produced at a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. Based in Berlin, Olwerk Obst GmbH produces organic oils from seeds and nuts. Having recently recognised the firm in our prestigious Food & Drink Awards for 2018, we profile it and showcase the range of innovative, nutritious products it has to offer. Olwerk Obst GmbH Best Organic Cooking Oil Producer - Germany