Food & Drink Awards 2018 Page 69 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Lawns Head Chef, strives to find suppliers to compliment his dishes and ideas. Richard spends lots of time developing new ideas and researching trends, he and his team make remarkable ideas into reality.” To ensure Lawns’ ongoing success the restaurant has invested heavily in development of its technological offering, whilst at the same time working to ensure diners receive a personalised service tailored to meet their needs, as Geoff highlights. “Over the years we have invested massively in the fabric of the building and providing guests with a better experience, spending more than £5million over the last five or six years, on the hotel as a whole, around £200,000 on Lawns Restaurant. The furniture is all British built, carpets and soft furnishings are made in the UK also. Crockery and glassware is carefully selected to compliment the food served on them. Another revolution, which has gathered pace over the last few years, has been the application of technology in the sector. “Here at Thornton Hall we look at all elements of technology, and embrace it, but we don’t want it to take over from personal interaction with our guests. It is all about enhancing the guests’ experience by using technology in the background. For example, within our kitchen we have combination ovens which make sure food is cooked to perfection time after time. These are among many pieces of equipment with enhanced modern technology at the disposal of our talented team of chefs. This ensures that we have a combination Located between Liverpool and Chester, Lawns is a true destination in its own right for dining and spa breaks, as well as being the perfect place for a celebratory meal for a special occasion or a meal to remember. Geoff believes that the restaurant’s team are central to ensuring excellence for guests, as he explores in his opening comments. “At the core of Lawns is a close-knit team lead by Restaurant Manager, Genesis Valenzuela, working together to provide a memorable experience, for the right reasons. Our team also includes John, our experienced Sommelier, having a great knowledge of wines and beverages on hand adds to the service we offer. We look to have a personal approach, we get to know our guests and pre-empt any needs they might have. This includes dietary requirements, special occasions or simply recognising returning guests. “Initial impressions are everything, and when a guest enters the Lawns we make sure they are greeted with a smile. It may seem a simple thing, but it is so important. What we offer is a great experience for diners, and as part of this we champion local ingredients where ever possible only venturing further afield if the quality of a particular product is not available locally. Richard Collingwood, Lawns Restaurant at Thornton Hall offers a fine dining experience within the award winning four-star luxurious spa resort, located at the heart of the Wirral peninsula in North West England. Geoff Dale talks us through the establishment and how it works to offer every guest the very epitome of luxury. Lawns Restaurant at Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa Best Fine Dining Venue 2018 - Merseyside of cutting-edge solutions and personalised support for our guests.” Ultimately, Thornton Hall has been a hotel since the mid-1950s, and there have been many changes in the hospitality industry over the decades, with a particularly dramatic period in recent years and in the uncertain financial climate. Unfortunately, lots of restaurants have closed their doors for one reason or another linked to uncertain times, however Lawns has remained a constant, and Geoff looks forward to many more years of success for the eatery, as he proudly concludes. “Looking to the future, we can see environmental issues and the idea of sustainability – particularly when it comes to food miles, becoming an increasingly important development in the hospitality industry. Thornton Hall is committed to what is on our own doorstep, and as such, as well as our produce our staff are local. We invest in the community, and we are a big part of that local community and look forward to continuing to be so for many more years to come.” Company: Lawns Restaurant at Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa Contact: Geoff Dale Address: Neston Road, Thornton Hough, Wirral, Merseyside, CH63 1JF, UK Phone: 0151 336 3938 Website: