Food & Drink Awards 2018

Page 70 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Experts in delivering superb snacks, meals and drinks to the cabins and rooms of airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries and hotels, TickEat cultivates rewarding, long-term alliances with both buyers and sellers. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. TickEat Ltd Best Transport Industry Snacks Supplier - UK Establihsed in 2015, TickEat knows exactly where any product fits, thanks to years of commercial experience. The Director of the company, Heerum Fleary, has worked for some of the world’s largest airline caterers, and as such she is familiar with where the gaps in the market are, and as such her team at TickEat works to fill these gaps for their clients. For example, whilst the firm’s competitors only cater for airlines and trains mainly TickEat caters for whole of travel and leisure market. Today, thanks to this vast experience leading the company, TickEat’s smart strategizing and peerless knowledge pool is an asset to any business. Crafting bespoke service packages for every brand the company work with ensures exposure is aligned with individual budgets. The team sincerely believe in the products and the businesses they represent, and as such over the years they have been able to supply their innovative products to a range of buyers from airlines, trains, hotels, and airport lounges, including Rail Gourmet, British Airways, as well as Hilton Double Tree. To ensure these buyers receive only the best, the TickEat team work tirelessly to procure ingredients and manufacturers, facilitate tenders and contracts, brand businesses beautifully, and build successful relationships that propel food and beverage companies to stratospheric heights. Alongside its work supporting its brands and buyers, TickEat also works hard to give back to the community as well, and as part of this focus the firm has partnered with St Mungos homeless charity. TickEat provide food and drink to the homeless as well as doing out-reach every Sunday evening to ensure the homeless in West London have a safe place to rest. Ultimately, the future looks bright for TickEat as the firm seeks to build upon its current success and grow even further in this competitive market. The firm is launching food and beverage snack/meal boxes at its show Innoveat in October in an innovative way which engages with buyers and showcases the products in the best possible light. This latest project and others give TickEat the chance to showcase its talent and passion for great food to an even wider array of buyers and food manufactures. Company: TickEat Ltd Contact: Heerum Fleary Address: 450 Bath Rd, Longford, West Drayton, UB7 0EB, UK Phone: 0208 757 8743 Website: