Food & Drink Awards 2018

Page 86 LUX 2018 Food & Drink Awards Under new management since April 2015, the Schnitzel House offers guests a taste of authentic German cuisine in the heart of the Sunshine State. On the back of being recognised in LUXLife’s Food and Drink Awards, Andreas Lehmann, Co-Owner of the restaurant, offers us a glimpse behind the scenes of his establishment. Schnitzel House Best German Cuisine Restaurant - South West Florida In Fort Meyer Beach there’s really only one place to go if you want to experience authentic and hearty German cuisine and that is the Schnitzel House. A mainstay in the small town for many years, the restaurant has thrived since Andreas took over the management in early 2015, with guests applauding his homely take on traditional family dishes. This is good old-fashioned nostalgia food at its very best, cooked by an experienced and, more importantly, native German chef. Andreas starts by offering some background on his restaurant. “We – that’s me and my wife Petra - took over the Schnitzel House in April 2015. I am the cook, and Petra manages the service. We offer an excellent selection of German food made with the highest quality of ingredients, used fresh every day.” Since the mid-nineties, Andreas has celebrated a passion for food that, at its most fundamental level, brings joy to those that eat it. In this, the Schnitzel House finds its foundations: this is food to be enjoyed, discussed and shared between family and friends. On the subject of food, Andreas takes a moment to explain his menu. “We have twenty-two different toppings for the schnitzels, which, in our restaurant, are made with pork lion that has been flattened, breaded and pan-fried. A traditional schnitzel is made with veal and served with a slice of lemon on top. Our traditional beef sauerbraten are marinated for five days in white wine vinegar and served with our homemade potato dumplings which are made with fresh boiled potatoes mixed together with flour, corn-starch, eggs and salt and then formed to a dumpling and boiled again.” The Schnitzel House has quickly developed a peerless reputation for its exceptional customer service, that has helped to fortify the restaurant as the place to go for those that want good food at competitive prices. “Our wait staff is dedicated to providing a friendly and personalised service. They all work to the highest standards of health and safety.” In his closing comments, Andreas summarises why he thinks the Schnitzel House was selected as the ‘Best German Cuisine Restaurant in South West Florida’. “Our guests enjoy our cosy, relaxed atmosphere. At the end of the day, we are a small family-owned and run restaurant, with the goal to ensure that every guest will have a nice evening with their friends and family with good German homemade food.” Company: Schnitzel House Address: 17274 San Carlos Blvd. 208-209, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, 33931, USA Website: Telephone: +1 239 437 8664