Global Excellence Awards 2018 Page 11 and appropriated named the company American Culture. Louis’ goal was to introduce a brand that united the culture of people and hair care and that spanned all generations and ethnicities. His desire was to create out of the box, high quality and performance products that excite hairdressers and elevate their craft, along with at home maintenance products that enabled consumers to replicate the salon look at home. Louis is joined by Doreen Guarneri who has vast experience in the hairdressing market. Recognized for raising the bar for the beauty industry, Doreen is a passionate master of her craft and thrives on sharing techniques and information with her fellow artists and clientele. Doreen takes a hair color approach to managing texture the way a hair colorist manages hair color. Doreen is a licensed hairdresser whose varied industry experienced over the past 25 years includes the role of salon stylist and colorist, beauty store manager, distributor, platform artist, salon owner and manufacturer. She has a true passion for the business and is pleased to have worked with many of the most celebrated artists known today. Along with her talents in hairdressing and hair color, Doreen is a true Master Keratin Artist. Her goal is to educate hairdressers and consumers on the safety and benefits of keratin and how the treatments can be customized to meet every clients’ varied needs. Doreen shares her time creating products and techniques for the professional hairdresser and providing education on American Culture brands nationally and internationally. In addition to her leadership and spokesperson role with American Culture, Doreen runs a successful salon in New York appropriately named The Look Spa Salon, an American Culture Premiere Institute, where she works with her everyday clientele. Together, the pair work hard to drive American Culture and The Look Spa Salon to success and to provide their award-winning products to a vast variety of clients. Ultimately, American Culture is dedicated to fulfilling the individual styling needs of all cultures for beautiful, healthy, manageable and touchable hair. This will remain its ongoing focus as the brand and its salon seek to enhance their collective success and grow even further throughout 2019 and beyond. Company: The Look Spa Salon Contact: Doreen Guarneri Website: &