Global Excellence Awards 2018 Page 31 LUX 2018 Global Excellence Awards Established in 1873, over the years the name Morgan’s has become famous throughout the world. Today, the firm is proud to be an independent manufacturer of a wide range of hair and beauty products. It manufactures all of its products in the UK and sells to barber shops and salons throughout the world. Over a billion jars of the original Morgan’s Pomade have been sold world-wide. The team at Morgan’s takes great pride in providing on high quality luxury hair and beauty products using the best expertly sourced raw ingredients and the latest technologies. As a family-run company, Morgan’s business ethics remain true to the principles of excellence, integrity and value that made the Original Pomade so successful. Six generations later, the company has now diversified from the hair darkening range that made it so famous and now produces a large variety of products for both men and women, including men’s grooming, hair care and skin care. Many of the firm’s products are takes on the classics, including its Professional Barber’s Retro range and the ever-popular hair darkening products. However, Morgan’s is constantly seeking to enhance its range, and as such it offers everything from beard and moustache products through to shaving solutions and body washes. The company now boasts an extensive professional product range covering all men’s grooming products and women’s hair products. As such, there is something for everyone at Morgan’s. Overall, although much has changed since the firm began, Morgan’s still remains the epitome of old fashioned values, which it combines with the latest technologies to bring its clients high-quality, innovative products. The coming Morgan’s Pomade Company is the oldest independent manufacturer of hair and beauty products in England. We profile the firm to showcase its innovative product range. Morgan’s Pomade Company Best Hair & Beauty Products Manufacturer 2018 - UK years will see the company enhance it product offering even further to meet its clients’ ever- evolving needs and adapt around industry trends, whilst at the same time retaining the exceptional level of quality that it has come to be renowned for. Company: Morgan’s Pomade Company Contact: Debbie Pearson Website: