Global Excellence Awards 2018 Page 41 LUX 2018 Global Excellence Awards From the moment it opened its doors in 2005, BALNEA has become a reference for day spas in Quebec. BALNEA has redefined the art of relaxation and innovated through its contemporary design. Alongside this, it offers unique client service planning as well as with its all-inclusive experience within a lean and refined ambiance for all the senses to enjoy, health to glow and vitality to grow, offered with authenticity and gratitude. Set within a breath-taking natural 400-acre private reserve, BALNEA offers a unique venue, combining a lean architectural style established under sustainable values with respect to its environment and its history. Thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and experienced, dedicated staff, the spa has flourished since inception, and today it works with a wide range of clients to create the spa experience they need to truly relax and unwind. Clients in Quebec are exceptionally particular about the spa services they receive, and as such BALNEA has worked hard to establish itself as a bastion of excellence in this competitive market. Besides the vastest spa domain in Quebec, BALNEA also operates BALNEA Spa Voyage in Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, so that it can offer a diverse range of clients it award-winning range of treatments. Over the years, the team here at BALNEA are continuously working to improve, innovate, and surprise their clients to bring the BALNEA experience to another level. With some of the best professionals in the industry supporting it, the future looks bright for this unique brand. Nestled in the heart of the mountain and overlooking a magnificent, exceptionally pure lake, BALNEA is a spa resort committed to providing relaxing, rejuvenating treatments to suit every guest. Having recognised the establishment in our 2018 LUX Global we profile it to find out more about the range of services it has to offer. BALNEA Spa + Reserve Thermale Wellness Spa of the Year 2018 - Quebec Company: BALNEA Spa + Reserve Thermale Address: 319 chemin du Lac Gale, Bromont, Quebec, Canada J2L 2S5 Telephone Number: 1.866.734.2110 Web Address: