Global Excellence Awards 2018

Page 48 LUX 2018 Global Excellence Awards Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing. is an innovative luxury brand marketing specialist offering expert services to a wide range of clients across the luxury lifestyle and products sector. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from the 2018 LUX Global Excellence Awards we invited Founder and Namesake Marcus Podorf to tell us more. Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing. Best Luxury Brands Marketing Agency - Germany Drawing on Marcus’ vast industry experience, Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing. offers a unique array of services to its clients. Marcus discusses his approach and how he and his teams collaborate with their clients to create an outcome that will meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations. “Personally, my biggest passion is integrated brand and marketing excellence, especially for premium and luxury brands that need to rejuvenate or even reinvent themselves. I mean, what we are really doing here is shaping brands of tomorrow. But we do it from the future backwards. So our focus is a lot on future societal and technological developments and many other change drivers, and we transform the existing value to connect better to it. Both great design and customer experience drive my passion. At my company, a close team of clients, experts, independents and I are always pushing hard, in a very limited time frame, to improve the performance and consistency of organizations, create better consumer experiences, products, services and communication, and build a stronger, more reliable and more relevant brand. We are really invested in creating lasting, long-term value for the companies we work with for the next twenty, thirty or forty years. “ “Many of our clients need time to understand that communications and advertising materials are not just a tool to sell and promote products but are a specific expression of the brand’s excellence and purpose, even in the level of perfection and attention to detail in the execution, and that they contribute to the brand’s specific image and distinction. Each and every single one of our clients can always expect a reliable, honest and sustainable consultation and execution, but they must also be able to give up a certain amount of control for a while. Some services and solutions we create are really a kind of art, and you can’t just judge them before completion, especially when they are very complex, such as rebranding and turn-around projects. My customers trust in our ambitions as a team and the very high standards we maintain in our day-to- day work.” Operating within the luxury lifestyle market and working with so many leading companies, Marcus has vast industry knowledge which he is happy to share with us as he discusses how the market has evolved over the years and how his company is adapting around these changes. “From my industry experience, I have come to believe that the marketing and luxury lifestyle industries in particular have been in a deep identity crisis for years now. Revenues are still growing, especially in the emerging markets, but at the same time, each entrepreneur knows that it is not fully sustainable to continue to just make ends meet. These successes are based on the foundations and values that were invested in and established many years, or even decades, ago but are too sensitive to change.” “Clients really like traditions and the past. It is difficult for organisations to change, especially in the luxury sector, because they are also based on other teachings, assumptions and thinking. Some are literally going out of business by losing their customers, and having too old customer structures. Luxury consumers tend to be very loyal once they have decided, and so a company and brand tends to stick with them for many years, or also even decades. In order to adapt around this, I have made it my mission to create a better world, one that is better organised, safer, more reliable and has better relationships between people. I practise passion, attention, honesty and transparency with the teams I lead. This is how innovation happens organically. I also travel a lot, especially to Asia and South Africa. Change drivers are very different if you operate under limited resources. You are forced to reinvent again and again.” Overall, Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing. has achieved incredible success since its inception, and moving forward Marcus and his team remain focused on enhancing this by growing the company and supporting even more clients, as he is proud to conclude. “Looking to the future, my focus is expanding my brand into the international markets, particularly the US and Asia, to ensure that I and my expert team are able to provide our award-winning services to a wider range of clients over the years to come.” Company: Marcus Podorf | Brands. Transition. Marketing. Name: Marcus Podorf Address: Stresemannstrasse 123, Wework Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, 10963, Germany Telephone Number: 00491752901711 Web Address: