Global Excellence Awards 2018 Page 7 COMPREHENSIVE RANGE OF PARTS AND SERVICE CONSUMABLES CATALOGUE AVAILABLE. Outside of its UK operations the company has established both sales, supply and manufacturing operations in such locations as Germany, the USA, India and Poland. In close co-operation with its customers, LaserSOS has developed some leading-edge technologies to improve both their productivity and efficiency. A classic example of this process can be seen in the development of the “green” laser used in the diamond cutting industry. Although lasers have been used for cutting diamonds for some time, the green laser technology uses a much smaller diameter cutting beam and consequently significantly reduces the wastage in the cutting process. As the cost of diamonds is incredibly high, these savings have been substantial. With the rapid expansion of lasers in both medical and beauty/aesthetics applications, the use of lasers has spread to the high street of most towns and cities. Consequently, the demand for consumables has changed by degree and now there is a need to supply relatively lower value orders to a wide geographic market, typically on a next day basis. In recent years it has been necessary to develop the company’s systems and processes to deliver laser consumables across the globe in hours rather than days, allowing clients to re- instate key processes in record time. Thanks to this forward thinking, innovative approach, LaserSOS has grown to be one of the leading global suppliers of solid-state laser components. Its growing in-house capabilities have become a recognised international centre of excellence. The company’s international growth has been achieved by providing not only outstanding service and technical support, but also intelligent solutions based on in-house manufacturing capabilities and development activities. The customer support expertise is always based on technically feasible and cost-effective solutions. Today, Laser S.O.S. Group’s core business sectors are industrial, diamond, jewellery, medical, beauty, aesthetics and the scientific community. Ultimately, with its focus on innovation and constant development, the Laser S.0.5. GROUP have become the market leader by way of providing laser users with the world’s largest range of retrofit parts, consumables and devices at the highest quality and at an affordable price. Looking ahead the group will continue to work alongside its customers and industry peers to ensure its ongoing success in this competitive and exciting market. Company: Laser S.O.S Ltd Contact: Toni Koszykowski Website: become one of the leading global suppliers of solid state laser sources, retrofit laser parts, consumables and associated products for many hundreds of different systems. Additionally, Laser S.O.S. Group has expanded its product range into the beauty, aesthetics and medical sectors, producing its own Intense Pulse Light (I.P.L.) system for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation which also includes an extensive range of retrofit I.P.L. and medical components for most leading brands. Over time, from a broad range of in house and international producers, LaserSOS has been able to develop into one of the leading suppliers of consumable items. In parallel with this growth and driven by international demand LasesSOS has used its skills and expertise to develop and build subassemblies used in the processes employed by a range of industries. Quality standards have been recognised and maintained through the award of ISO 9001. With the introduction of the internet at the turn of the century, LaserSOS has been able to utilise the same successful principles for illustrating its growing products and service range but avoiding the need to use hard copy. The digitalisation of information required to identify components has facilitated the growth of the company’s product range and now over 500 separate laser systems are supported across the globe.