Global Excellence Awards 2019 Page 13 LUXlife 2019 Global Excellence Awards Understanding that the future of retail was online, Jacqueline Henley-Wilcock and John Darcy Wilcock founded The 1 For U, a clothing business focused on creating stylish and comfortable nightwear for women. Discover the beauty of Victorian-style nightwear as we shine the light on another deserving winner in the LUXlife Global Excellence Awards 2019. The 1 For U Ltd.: Best Designer Cotton Nightwear Company 2019 As increasing numbers of high street retailers are having to close stores and move online, the discernment of John and Jacqui Wilcock back in 1998 is even more impressive than perhaps they could have predicted. As well as having the foresight to understand that online shopping was the future, The 1 for U was created as a response to the need for a women’s nightwear retailer that delivered exquisite comfort and matchless attention to detail. The results are flawless, beautiful and flowing gowns with a mixture of designs to ensure maximum comfort for women of all ages and sizes. Despite the nightwear business booming back in the late 1990s, both Jacqui and John Wilcock quickly recognised that the products being sold were ill-fitting and uninspired. Women were having to go to bed in plain and boring nightwear, lacking in style, beauty and most importantly, comfort. So Jacqui took it upon herself to begin designing her own range of luxurious Victorian-style nightwear for women in search of elegance and beauty. With a myriad of beautiful colours, patterns and attention to detail, Jacqui’s range appeals to more customers than ever before with a style that does not compromise on functionality. Today, more than twenty years on from the initial recognition of that nightwear need, The 1 For U now offers stylish nightwear faithfully recreated from gorgeous Victorian styles, at an affordable and accessible price. Jacqui ensures that each carefully- designed nightgown is authentically Victorian by regularly visiting grand stately homes, antique shops, and museums in search of inspiration. Made with the perfect amount and weight of cotton, every single nightgown exudes comfort and breathability for customers, allowing them to drift to sleep in a beautiful piece of clothing. Over the last decade, The 1 For U has slowly cultivated and established a reputation for providing comfortable and high-quality nightwear, with a strong emphasis on design and function. Customers can choose their gown from an extensive range that includes long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and sleeveless gowns in either white, vintage rose, lilac, pink, or blue. Traditional Victorian styles are highlighted on the gowns, from beautiful hand-made embroidery to ruffled hems that radiate elegance. Perhaps the greatest luxury that The 1 For U affords it customers is the feeling that they experience when wearing a nightgown. Childhood memories can come flooding back, and the design can evoke feelings of classiness. The Victorian era was one of refinement and elegance, and falling asleep in a nightgown from The 1 For U can help the wearer experience those times for themselves. Far more than a gown, this range of nightwear harks back to a bygone era that was all about sophistication, and enables customers to be a part of it. It is no wonder that Jacqui and John have been duly recognised as being the Best Designer Cotton Nightwear Company in 2019. Every product is given the same care and attention to detail to ensure every customer can feel like a lady of Victorian elegance when falling to deep and peaceful sleep. Truly, The 1 For U is a shining example of luxury, elegance and sophistication of the highest order. Company: The 1 For U Ltd. Contact: Jacqui & John Wilcock Website: