Global Excellence Awards 2019

Page 14 LUXlife 2019 Global Excellence Awards At the centre of any important event, the heart of where a speech is given, a poorly designed lectern can hide as opposed to enhance what is being said. Drawing on a strong design background, the team at Urbann work tirelessly to bring new life to something sadly misunderstood. With its lecterns used on a global scale, join us here at LUXlife as we take a closer look at this award-winning company. Urbann: Best High-Quality Lecterns Designer 2019 - Canada The overbearing weight of old-fashioned podium design can make even the most dynamic speaker seem comparatively staid and static. For something a little different, you need look no further than Urbann to provide a sorely needed alternative to the overtly traditional approach adopted for generations. Presenting audiences with a timeless and modern image, easily adapted to suit any situation, it’s no surprise that Urbann have become infamous for its unparalleled lectern design. Placing the customer at the heart of the project, Urbann has built up relationships with CEOs, general managers and heads of communications. In a world where image and communication are key, an Urbann lectern is designed to anchor a strong message in any environment. Each of the stylish designs on offer is not only built with the customer in mind, but with the principles of industrial designers with strong backgrounds in science, culture and art. This leads to practical decisions that use high quality materials to produce the best possible product. From the very beginning, Urbann has integrated the use of recyclable materials, renewable resources and the offset of carbon. New trees are planted for the wood used. Each product is designed to best use streamlined shapes, in order to express elegance and functionality as clearly and efficiently as possible. With use in locations varying from churches to conference centres, from Australia to Alaska, the modular mindset of Urbann’s lecterns has proven a useful feature that has built its strength in the market. Designed around practical considerations, these sophisticated products have been developed to match specific needs. Meeting these needs is the result of a ruthless process of review and development. Innovation is at the heart of the company, with a constant search for better ways of designing, making and working. Not content to settle for second-best, the team are dedicated to providing something that is well-thought-of and well-made. Thoroughly modern, the use of cloud-computing for almost every aspect of the business places it at the forefront of the technological wave of development with heavy use of the internet intrinsic to showcasing the exciting products to an international audience. Looking forward, the staff at Urbann seem determined to broaden their outlook. Beyond the world of pulpits, podiums and lecterns, the talented team want to deliver projects specifically for home usage. A potential breakthrough is the recently developed vertical file organiser, which is set to make waves in the home market. This sits alongside current work on the integration of 3D printing into products, with investigations into the use of biodegradable plastic made totally out of starch. In a world where products of every quality and make have become more and more accessible, the need to increase the quality in the production and design is paramount. Urbann are committed to meeting this need, providing products that understand how people think and work. Providing a lectern that does its job to the best of its ability might seem straightforward, but creating something that is effortlessly timeless and functional shows Urbann at its very best. Company: Urbann Contact: Louis Desrosiers