Global Excellence Awards 2019

Page 16 LUXlife 2019 Global Excellence Awards Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the way people see themselves can also have a huge impact on the way they feel about themselves. Helping people fully realise their own beauty through medicinal skill is Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, a fully-trained and qualified dermatologist. Having been crowned the best in his field across London in 2019, we caught up with Dr Al-Niaimi to learn more about his passion for his craft. Dr Firas Al-Niaimi: Consultant Dermatologist of the Year 2019 - London For some of the most high-class individuals in society, having clear and smooth skin that is free from acne, rosacea and wrinkles is the epitome of beauty. Finding a cosmetic and dermatological consultant that helps clients feel at ease can be hard, but for those under the knife of Dr Al-Niaimi, they needn’t worry. Having trained in some of the biggest and best hospitals and dermatology centres across Europe and the United Kingdom, there are few better qualified to handle all dermatological needs. Introducing himself, Dr Al-Niaimi explains his work to us. “I am a fully-trained and qualified dermatologist at consultant level with additional formal fellowship in lasers and advanced skin surgery. I work in Central London in the private sector and see a wide range of patients from those suffering with medical dermatological conditions to those requiring advanced laser treatments and facial injectables such as Botox and fillers. I see patients from around the world and always aim to provide an exemplary service.” Any dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon working with people must be a non- judgmental individual who can connect with people easily. Those in search of luxuriously soft and smooth skin often have strong interpersonal relationships with their dermatologists, and this is something else that Dr Al-Niaimi prides himself on. Boasting excellent communication skills and an unparalleled bedside manner, every client feels at ease as Dr Al-Niaimi sets about delivering a top-quality service. No matter what that service is, Dr Al-Niaimi explained to us how he makes it his goal to stay true to the individual needs of all of his clients. “My personal mission is to provide a personalised and customised service to each individual client, tailored to his or her needs. A service where clients feel valued and are important. I am constantly finding ways of delivering an excellent service and focusing on innovation is part of that, as well as maintaining a continuous and unwavering effort to be at the forefront of this speciality in contributing to medicine.” Dr Al-Niaimi’s desire to be at the top of his field has seen him achieve monumental success, and continually deliver outstanding results for his clients in search of dermatological luxury. Not only does the good doctor refine his practice and stay ahead of new developments within the industry, his collaboration with and teaching of others ensure that more discerning clients can take advantage of top- quality dermatologists and cosmetic experts. Speaking about his extensive international experience, Dr Al-Niaimi shared with us how he stayed ahead of the curve. “I am constantly reading, interacting with pioneers in the field and attending international conferences in order to equip myself with the latest information and stay advanced in my field. I am also a highly sought-after speaker at conferences, having spoken in 52 countries around the world and published over 160 scientific publications in medical journals.” Arguably one of the greatest challenges facing the dermatology and cosmetic industry is the amount of negative press that high profile cases can garner. Dr Al- Niaimi is all too aware of the impact that these celebrity cases can have on those seeking genuine, authentic and luxurious dermatological treatment. As we closed out our interview with him, Dr Al-Niaimi expanded on how these issues affect clients, and how he goes about combatting them. “Dermatology and cosmetics are subject to various challenges in the UK, from a shortage of well-qualified dermatologists at consultant level to overexaggerated marketing with no regulation on the cosmetic side. Clients are often confused and unsure about what they hear, and many fall victim to this. My aim is to integrate both dermatology and cosmetics at a very high level without the current trend of misleading marketing.” It is no wonder that patients travel far and wide to enlist the services of Dr Al- Niaimi. His holistic approach and bespoke treatment of each patient leaves clients feeling cared for, as well as rejuvenated and reinvigorated. As one of only a few UK-based professionals that are certified in advanced laser resurfacing, Dr Al-Niaimi’s services are something truly special for those who want the best in the business. Contact: Dr Firas Al-Niaimi Telephone: 02081918871 Website: