Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 26 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Uncle Don’s: Best Casual Restaurant & Bar Chain – Malaysia & Most Successful Food & Beverage Enterprise - South East Asia Offering a little bit of everything, this fast-growing Malaysian restaurant and bar has quickly gained a reputation for being an establishment where everybody can enjoy themselves. We took a closer look to find out more… Ever since opening, things have been incredibly successful for Uncle Don’s. Part-pub, part-restaurant, part-takeaway, this chain does a lot of disparate things extremely well. Aiming for total customer satisfaction by creating a dining experience in a relaxed, friendly environment seems to be the trick, and it is to the credit of staff and management team that any and everyone seems to be welcome at Uncle Don’s. The highly competitive prices for the mouth-watering food offers excellent value for money while also being of a genuinely high quality. Offering a myriad of fusion, Uncle Don’s has an incredible range of different foods with influences inspired by several different places. There’s surely something for everyone in this menu that encompasses everything from claypot curries to chicken club sandwiches. The range of food is matched only by its range of drinks, from the alcoholic to smoothies, all made in-house. These team members must be on hand to handle anything. With the restaurant and bar welcoming patrons from 12pm-1am, they can never be sure who will be through the door next. Though families and bar patrons generally keep themselves to themselves, it does require a lot of skill to make both feel welcomed into the same place at the same time. A deliberate aim of the company is to remain conscious of its role as a family- oriented customer base. Uncle Don’s has ambitious that stretch out from its humble Malaysia origins. They hope to continuously grow, achieving nationwide status by 2021 and an international status by 2022. It might seem like an impossible dream, but with the central kitchen in place, there are clearly already plans afoot to the north and south of Petaling Jaya, spreading across Malaysia. It’s a large expansion, but with the experience gained, one which has a large chance of paying off. This small business has already grown from its humble beginnings, with eighteen outlets established at present and the potential to add more in the future. This is allowed for by the new central kitchen that has just been constructed to feed the immense amount of people who frequent Uncle Don’s. Maintaining good and consistent quality across all the restaurants, this new building has the capacity to provide food to forty restaurants. Fresh ingredients are supplied daily, with marinades created under strict food hygiene and safety practices. The control over each area is tight, with staff trained in all aspects of the chain’s operation. They know everything from menus to restaurant features to customer service to handling complaints. By ensuring that everyone is familiar with the techniques needed to operate such a large operation, mistakes are less likely to occur. To keep standards high, regular training sessions are undertaken to enhance the knowledge of team members. © Uncle Don’s © Uncle Don’s