Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 48 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Authentic Hakata cuisine can be hard to come by in Manchester. Fortunately, the good folk of Shoryu Ramen have resolved this, bringing classic Japanese soul food to Piccadilly Gardens. Suitably tempted by the promise of authentic food at an enviable price, we decided to take a closer look. Shoryu Ramen: Japanese Restaurant of the Year 2019 - North West England If you were interested in finding delicious Japanese cuisine, made authentically just like they do in Hakata, would you know where to go? For those lucky few to be in Manchester, the choice is clear. Nestled in the Northern Quarter, Shoryu Manchester stands out like a lighthouse, beaming its authenticity for all to see. Shoryu Ramen was created by ramen aficionado and Hakata native turned Londoner, Tak Tokumine. He brought this speciality to the UK after seeing a demand for a more sophisticated ramen bar and takes great pride in the traditional cooking that has sparked such a fire within the people of the UK. A rich creation from the southern island of Kyushu, Hakata Tonkotsu ramen is a delicacy that has been perfected by Executive Chef, and fellow Hakata native, Kanji Furukawa. The resulting demand has outstripped its humble beginnings, spreading through London, and out into Oxford and Manchester. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you feel at home. Greeted by a welcome gong and the staff offering Japanese salutations, you will be seated and offered a menu to peruse. This menu is the undoubtable reason behind the success of this enterprise: the promise of fresh Japanese food that is perfect every time. It’s the promise of tantalising dishes that are constantly drawing guests to the restaurant.The entire menu is perfectly designed to make you salivate and tempt your palate. You might fancy the signature Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen, brought to life with a rich and meaty 12-hour pork broth, noodles perfectly calculated to have just the right amount of bounce and chew, with toppings marinated overnight or simmered for hours to achieve the perfect finish. You may prefer the humble Fluffy Shoryu Buns, steamed with precision and filled with such delights as soy marinated chicken karaage, succulent char siu pork and grilled halloumi. With such delicious options on the menu, there’s sure to be something that you couldn’t possibly say no to. Shoryu Manchester also provides a mouth-watering selection of cocktails, all inspired by Japan’s long and distinguished heritage. Put together by a specialist bar manager, you can find fifty sake inspired cocktails on the drinks list, each with an en- ticing fusion of traditional Japanese flavours and ingredients with a cheeky modern twist. One of Shoryu Manchester’s bestselling cocktail is their signature, Shoryu Yuzu Mojito, which combines fresh strawberries, mint, lime, homemade yuzu syrup, Bacardi white rum and yuzu umeshu to create the popular drink. Alongside their Shoryu Yuzu Mojito, there is Shoryu Manchester’s extensive sake range, sourced from the award-winning Gekkeikan sake brewery - based in Kyoto, Japan. The award-winning brewery has been making sake since 1637, and is also one of the chosen sake of the Japanese Imperial Household. Providing authentic Japanese food to the western market without losing what makes it special can be challenging. It takes a great deal of care and attention. However, Shoryu Manchester proves that it can be done, and with flying colours. This latest addition to the chain of restaurants does not disappoint, offering an incredible experience to those who have yet to visit and an everlasting memory for those who have. Whether it’s some comfort food to take away, or a romantic meal complete with drinks, you can’t fault what’s on offer. A shining light in Piccadilly Gardens, Shoryu Manchester is one of the most exciting restaurants around, and long may it continue. Company: Shoryu Ramen Ltd Website: