Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 69 The success of the business is down, in no small part, to Adian’s evident skill in the kitchen, but it is also a result of staying true to a clear vision, while being willing to adapt it when necessary. That there has been a change in the sorts of meals bought at the restaurant shows a clear transition as customers become more familiar with Adian’s style and begin to explore the menu. The broad appeal of Adian’s food could to some seem contradictory, but in the hands of an expert is clearly a hit, appealing to a wide and diverse clientele. Adian does not just handle restaurant dining, but also events catering, showing the range of his skill and ability. Putting aside exciting hints regarding the future of Adian’s Dining ( “stay tuned!” ), the restaurant is sure to flourish under Adian’s & Elouise’s exciting vision, with a very bright year ahead indeed. Contact: Elouise Lashley Website: Company: Adian’s Dining With over 18 years of culinary expertise under his belt, it’s only in the last three that Adian Montaque has really begun to build his own brand. Simply called Adian’s Dining, we wondered what had inspired the delicious Caribbean-based cuisine that forms the backbone of this restaurant and why it definitely cuts the mustard. Adian’s Dining: Best Upscale International Restaurant 2019 - Birmingham Driven by chef patron, Adian Montaque, the aptly titled Adian’s Dining offers his unique perspective as to what the hospitality sector should be providing. The restaurant offers a modern take on a traditional Caribbean dining experience built on traditional values earned over 18 years in the hospitality sector. The basis of Adian’s incredible vision is the international flavour offered to the customer, inspired primarily by the Caribbean, and his native Jamaica, Asia and India. This flows right through the heart of the business, giving an incredible amount of variety in every aspect of the restaurant. Currently, Adian’s Dining is the only tropical fusion restaurant that combines such a wide and varied amount of flavours and textures to such a high level. This means taking the experience and knowledge built up over the years to create something entirely fresh, and seemingly effortlessly so. Even the simplest ingredients can inspire the most delicious food in Adian’s experienced hands. His highly regarded Jerk Salmon Supreme is a particular delicacy, using traditional Caribbean foods and techniques in fresh and interesting ways. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, it is an excellent example of the attention to detail Adian pays to his dishes, exploring a range of different tastes, within the premium produce utilised in the cooking process. Even the bar maintains the fusion theme with a wide range of exquisite wines, soft drinks and beers available. All the cocktails are created in-house allowing the menu to be kept up to date and fresh, perfectly matching the needs of the customer and the restaurant itself. The team working at Adian’s Dining is small but mighty, and incredibly passionate about pushing forward Adian’s creative vision at every level. This is clearly communicated to all involved in the business so that the message remains clear and the results are plain to see. Having already won one reward this year, and now receiving another, it is clear that Adian’s Dining has altered people’s mindsets for the better, encouraging them to try new things with food. The positive response to pushing the boundaries, and standards, is clearly very encouraging and may well be inspiring Adian’s Dining to look further afield in the future.