Food & Drink Awards 2019

Page 74 LUXlife 2019 Food & Drink Awards Devoted to the development and distribution of affordable, wholesome and sustainable food products, Global Food Solutions has been delivering better natural food for fifteen years. We caught up with CEO Michael Steven Levine to learn more about the company, what they do, and how they have become Greater New York’s most sustainable foodservice partner. Global Food Solutions: Most Sustainable Foodservice Partner - Greater New York Since its inception in 2004, Global Food Solutions has grown to now serve more than five thousand schools and a wide range of healthcare, military and hospitality institutions across the United States. Providing food service operations with guidance, support, and expertise to succeed in today’s demanding and highly-regulated market, this firm has established itself as one of America’s best partners for the creation and delivery of top-notch food products. With CEO Michael Steven Levine at the helm, Global Food Solutions has grown exponentially over the last fifteen years to become a powerhouse of the food service industry. Helping all manner of commercial and institutional foodservice operators, from restaurants to school cafeterias, and military bases to hospitals, the firm currently boasts six of its own food brands and supports a large number of charitable organisations that help nourish America through its community initiative, Global Cares. For Levine, starting Global Food Solutions and seeing it become the company it is today is about much more than making money. What makes his firm stand out?”. “Purpose. For Global Food Solutions, it’s about pursuing our vision to feed kids and others in need of affordable, sustainable nutrition across America. We truly believe it comes back to purpose in the things you do and the team behind it. We believe in creating the most nutritious products possible with the greatest ability to scale and at the most affordable price. This combination has allowed us to reach mass nutrition programs at some of the most competitive prices in the country – meaning we’re able to live and breathe our vision to help bring nutrition to millions in our communities. Global Food Solutions is about more than simply being competitive and ensuring that students and soldiers have something tasty to eat. The true beauty in comes from a purposeful belief of quality food products made with careful attention to detail and unmatched levels of teamwork. Levine goes on. “We can only do this because our team works with incredible dedication to our purpose. In schools, we adopted new branding and marketing practices to promote products as if they were found in grocery stores and retail shops. We want to not only make the best products, but we want kids to feel special about the experience they receive from our brands as well.” In addition to food products that keep American students nourished while they study, Global Food Solutions maintains close watch on constantly shifting food trends. This includes vigilantly monitoring legislative changes that determine what foods can be introduced. Levine took us through one of the company’s greatest success stories in New York City. “A great example of this is during the initial change to whole grain regulations in schools that occurred in 2011. We developed and launched the first whole grain muffin in New York City schools, by removing artificial ingredients, colours, and flavours, removing corn syrups, lowering sodium and fats by using apple sauce and yogurt in the finished product, and then fully branding it for retail. We also produced this product locally in New York, as well for local procurement. While clients were looking for a simple new whole grain muffin to meet regulatory change, we delivered something special that exceeded industry expectations, all at the same competitive price point.” Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects with any food service company is safety and compliance. Every staff member from the top down at Global Food Solu- tions is trained in food safety and handling practices at different steps at the supply chain, despite many never working in production plants or around physical food products. This way, Global Food Solutions can ensure the highest food safety, quality, and traceability regulations are always met or exceeded. Levine further expands on this decision.