Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 10 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards “I re-learned most of what I knew before, added skills, moved from school to school, interned at Skywalker Ranch, attended Cogswell Polytechnic, visited Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic, to going all the way to Lockheed Martin and donning a VR helmet to jump 400 feet on a rendered copy of a Martian grand canyon. I can’t play Basketball as well as I wish but I certainly have an answer for anyone asking me how high I can jump. Thanks, for that Mr. Armstrong!” In short, Phantom Records™ invests in the people, and the people share their product and sharing the cost of training. After all, DJs are often underrepresented and overexploited in the entertainment industry. Phantom Records™ wants it known that they are an ally to DJs. After all, it’s owned by a DJ. It goes without saying that while there has been a clear need for some sort of digital or streaming system in this regard, COVID-19 has accelerated the process. The ability to provide contactless DJ services is critical, especially at such an affordable rate. Various protective measures are in place to ensure that music is not stolen from hardworking professionals who simply want to do their jobs by enclosing them with secure apps. The mixes are not distributed to the customer.