Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 14 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Located in Suffolk, Wood Art Shop offers state-of-the-art home decor products to deliver innovation, originality, and creativity to people’s homes. Going into further detail, Jorge begins by providing us with a brief overview of the innovative business, touching on the materials they use to create such unique products and the material used. “Through our passion for wood, colour and home décor, we are able to combine the best pioneered materials and bring to life a new, unique, and elegant range of wall art and home decor products. Different types of wall art decor have the capacity to transmit diverse sensations and wellbeing to the human mind, playing therefore an extremely important role in our lives. Based upon this, we launched our luxurious Wall Art Elysian Collection one year ago. It is typically characterised by an interconnection of colour with a mixture of abstract and geometric abstraction designs, as well as geometric figurative art providing to our customers a different, special, modern, unique, luxury and cosiness environment. Throughout the last year, not only have we added into our wooden wall art, but we have also expanded into home decor items and excelled by offering a customised/ commissioning service to our clients.” “The importance of wall art and home décor to each customer is something we all take very seriously. Each item has a role to fulfil in the environment and atmosphere it lives in, so therefore, it is exceptionally important for us to provide a service or product which not only matches but also exceeds our customers’ expectations. As such, all of our Established in 2019, Wood Art Shop is a modern home décor business. As a dedicated and innovative family business, unique shop specialises in creating contemporary wall art, home decor and accessories. Having recently found success in LUXlife’s LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Wood Art Shop’s CEO, Jorge Miranda to find out more about one of the most innovative home décor business in the UK today. Wood Art Shop Best Innovative Home Decor Business - UK products are carefully created with the best materials in the market. For example, we use Valchromat as an innovative wooden material. Valchromat is made from recycled softwood such as waste wood from branches and chips found on forest floors, making it one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market. Using waste wood helps to sustain forests and minimise carbon emissions from the process of cutting down trees.” “Another reason to have chosen this material is due to its engineered coloured wood board colours. All our items are 100% created by us at our workshop, all hand-sanded, hand-painted (if necessary) and hand- finished. Independently of the finish type, all is performed by hand. By doing so, an extra level of perfection and uniqueness is added into each product. Specialising in modern décor, we use colour, design, shapes and finishing materials to bring the most unique and outstanding products to customers. Being UK based, the biggest proportion of our customers tend to be national. However, we are extremely proud to have also provided a variety of products and services from both parts of the business to USA, Europe and South America.” Regarding the internal culture in place, part of the firm’s success can be attributed to the fact all staff members share the same common values, which Jorge is keen to highlight. “Integrity and our business ethics are indeed the most important factors to Wood Art Shop. Naturally, this is shared across all our suppliers and supply chain, and the way we work internally obviously reflects on how we interact with our customers.” Competing in the national home decor arena can be a challenging experience, however as Jorge goes on to explain, its knowledge and approach to home décor has allowed the firm to distance itself from the crowd. “Naturally, our versatility and know-how allows us to respond, create and deliver customised projects from all kinds of sizes, types and complexity. The versatility of Valchromat also allows us to create a gigantic range of items and the way we approach and innovate home decor has not been seen before. Having combined boards and colours to create the final wood material, not only can we create a