Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 16 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Stoneage Ceramics International Hong Kong is a family-run business specialising in the provision of niche solutions for the ceramic housewares industry. Offering complete services in design, manufacture, packaging and delivery of ceramics for clients all around the world, Stoneage deals in tabletop, bakeware, storage and gifting categories, working exclusively with all ceramic substrates from earthenware and stoneware to porcelain and fine bone china. Established in 1982 in Perth, Western Australia by Graeme Lance, the firm began as an importing and wholesale business within the dinnerware and bakeware industry, supplying well-known Australian brands like Living Art, Luminite and Essence with the products he had discovered during his time in China. He continued to run Stoneage Australia until his retirement in 2009, having also set up a small office in Hong Kong in the mid 90’s that immediately began exporting dinnerware directly to a small number of Australian and New Zealand retailers. Thus, Stoneage Ceramics International HK was born. Stoneage Ceramics is a full- service solutions provider to the ceramic housewares industry that designs, manufactures, packages and delivers tabletop, bakeware, storage and figural ceramics for clients around the world. From everyday essentials to bespoke beautiful collections, Stoneage is able to create and distribute ceramics of outstanding quality for all sectors that are delivered with similarly meticulous customer service. Ultimately, Stoneage is committed to doing everything their clients may need to get their ceramics from sketchpad to table affordably and without any hassle. Stoneage Ceramics Int’l HK Ltd Best Private Label Homeware Specialist 2020 In 1996, Graeme’s son Brendon joined the family business, having moved to Hong Kong in 1992 and proven himself an adept international businessman. With the same global mentality as his father, Brendon used the recently opened Hong Kong offices as the launchpad to a worldwide marketplace, establishing a strong network of partnerships with some of the most venerable suppliers of tableware to major retailers and wholesalers across the globe. Stoneage continued to expand, with operations hubs opened in South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Following Graeme’s retirement, Brendon took the decision to restructure through divesting and selling those distributorships and private operations so as to strip the company’s competencies back to its foundations of design and production. Consequently, almost thirty years after Graeme opened its doors in his hometown of Perth, Stoneage is an international corporation known for its specialist and exclusive services in ceramics for some of the world’s most renowned retailers and brands. Working with clients in the retail and wholesale markets, Stoneage works with supermarkets and high street department stores, discount shops and specialty independents, as well as providing customised solutions to food service clients, predominantly cafés and coffee shops. Spread across continents, the Stoneage clientele includes names such as Coles