Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 20 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards The process of hiring and working with an interior design firm can seem mysterious and intimidating for those who have never experienced it, and people often view designers with distinct trepidation, if not outright fear. Hollywood has portrayed them as overbearing, judgmental monsters who will throw away everything you’ve ever loved and spend your money with wild abandon on pieces you probably find atrocious. Kristy Nichols is on a mission to change that perception. KN Interiors, Inc. is an interior design firm serving Lake County, IL and the surrounding region. Established in 2009, it is owned and operated by Kristy and her team, whose passion is creating beautiful, comfortable, functional spaces that support their clients’ goals and desired lifestyle. Using a blend of creative space planning, exceptional design, expert organization, and a healthy dose of fun, she helps her clients to lead more relaxed and efficient lives, as well as spend higher quality time with family and friends. They provide all aspects of interior design and remodeling, including furnishings and accessories, kitchen and bath design, window treatments, and in this brave new world, they’ll even do it virtually. When you work with KN Interiors, one of the first things you’ll notice is a tangible sense of genuine care, followed by a commitment to unparalleled customer service, and an insistence that the experience be an exciting and enjoyable one for both the client and the designer. It is Kristy’s absolute, fundamental belief that good design improves your quality of life, both inside the home, and subsequently when you are out in the world. When you live well within your walls, when your furnishings and possessions are logically and pleasurably curated and arranged, you are calmer, happier, more focused, and more available for joy in every area of your life. Creating this outcome is KN Interiors’ number one priority. It is their goal that your home should not only show beautifully, but relax easily, work efficiently, and entertain seamlessly. At KN Interiors, they understand that for most people, making a significant investment (whatever that might mean for any given client) on something that can be challenging to visualize is an intimidating prospect. This is why each project begins with really listening, both to what is said, as well as to what is being implied by their clients’ descriptions about lifestyle, preferences, and function. How will each space be lived in, and what elements are required to make that experience enjoyable on a daily basis? They Nov20254 KN Interiors, Inc. Most Trusted Interior Design Studio - Illinois seek to achieve a personal relationship with each of their clients, understanding not only how they live, but perhaps more importantly, how they want to live. Kristy sees interior design as the elevation of what for most people is their greatest asset. “Your home should be supportive and encouraging of your aspirations. A large part of what we do is to help you make wise investments, not dissimilar from the services that other advisors provide. Quality furnishings are not inexpensive, and I guide my clients to make the best decisions with their budget, allowing them to get maximum impact and longevity from their dollars.” Whether you are seeking one-of-a-kind custom-crafted pieces and original artwork, or to artfully arrange your haven with pieces from the local import store, the value of approaching your design with a plan cannot be overstated, both from an aesthetic and financial perspective. As such, transparent pricing and clear budgets are essential to the way KN Interiors handles every project. Another facet of KN Interiors’ character that makes them unique in the design industry is that while they certainly take their business seriously, they approach their projects with as much lightness as possible, enabling their clients to feel at ease, and enjoy the transformation process. They are cognizant of the fact that their clients need to be focused on whatever it is they do best, not executing their home design, so Kristy and her team handle everything from start to finish, allowing the client to be as hands-off as they desire and are comfortable with, knowing that everything is under control. They ensure excellence with crystal clear communication, and by managing expectations at every single step of the project. Kristy says, “It’s been my experience in life that all that is required for a smooth journey is kindness, professionalism, communication, and the occasional willingness to laugh at sticky situations. We are making life more beautiful, not performing open-heart surgery. That’s serious stuff. This should be fun.” Ultimately, it is Kristy’s intention that her firm’s work will improve the client’s experience in their home long after the projects are complete. To this end she insists, “My clients’ lives should be better for having interacted with myself, my company, and our services. I feel the fact that many of my client relationships span close to 20 years (dating back to previous incarnations of my company), they continually refer their associates and loved ones to us, and that the majority remain personal friends long after our work is complete is the very best testimonial I could ask for to indicate my goal is being achieved.” Company: KN Interiors, Inc. Contact: Kristy Nichols Email: [email protected] Website: Telephone: 847-902-3940 Photography Credits: Kristin Cashmore of Bella Vie Studio