Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 22 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Since 2017, Prism has delivered the healing potential of red light therapy to luxury resorts and medspas, performance training and recovery clinics, natural wellness centers and the homes of people across the globe. Whilst the growth of the wellness industry has seen a surge during the pandemic, it has also seen a shift from shared therapies such as hot tubs and saunas, to personalized individual treatments that are safe and easy to disinfect. Prism’s systems fit those requirements perfectly. “Adding Prism Light Pod to our Touchless Wellness spa menu was a decision influenced by our commitment to provide our guests with a world-class wellness experience,” said Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa Operations at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. “Its sleek design and automated recovery settings have made it [Prism Light Pod] the most popular touchless wellness service amongst our guests.” Prism Light Pod applies red and near-infrared light 13mm (0.5 inches) away from the body, making it the most powerful full-body PBMT system in the industry. Red light therapy Prism Light Pod is a leading provider of whole-body red light therapy systems for the natural health and wellness industry. Supported by nearly 50 years of scientific research, photobiomodulation (PBMT) also known as red light therapy, has been proven to rejuvenate cells and improve overall health. Developed by a team of passionate health professionals and industrial engineers, Prism Light Pod has harnessed the power of red light therapy with the most powerful and innovative design of full-body, cold-laser systems. Nov20599 Prism Light Pod Most Powerful Full-Body Red Light Therapy System: 2020 reduces inflammation, chronic pain and disorders, as well as oxidative stress in the body. “Researching chronic pain remedies for fibromyalgia was how I learned about red light therapy,” said Denis Woulfe, owner of Prism Light Pod out of Gloucestershire, U.K. “Since purchasing the light pod, it has helped relieve my joint pain and improve my sleep.” Moreover, the capabilities of red light therapy have recently been used to treat chest inflammation that is linked to severe Covid-19 cases, with one patient who was able to avoid the use of a ventilator by adding red light therapy to the treatment plan. Additional health benefits include (but are not limited to) a boost in immunity, an increase in collagen production, cell regeneration and shrinking fat cells to support weight loss. The pods are an update on traditional hand- held red light therapy devices which are used to only treat one area at a time. During sessions, Prism Light Pod delivers full-body coverage of natural and non-invasive light therapy. The 15 minute sessions are 100% safe, unattended and private. Complete with an easy-to-use touchscreen displaying the six fully optimized settings, a ten-year life span, WIFI capability for immediate troubleshooting and service, and a warranty on all parts, Prism Light Pod makes treatment comfortable, easy and convenient. To support its clients in the launch and growth of their own red light therapy ventures, Prism supplements every purchase with its Pro-Partner Joint Marketing program which is valued at $10K USD for no extra cost. The program provides launch planning, PR, website content and marketing campaign resources, as well as promotional bundles and pricing recommendations to help business owners effectively promote their red light services and ultimately maximize income. As such, the firm is collaborating with its suppliers and research team to stay at the cutting-edge of tech innovation in the industry. Prism also works with biohacking and natural wellness associations to bring light to holistic health in different climates, cultural diets, and other niche areas of development. Prism Light Pod is excited about the future of health and wellness. By expanding its influence and global reach, Prism is delivering the industry’s most powerful and energy- efficient full-body red light therapy systems to improve the wellbeing and health of people around the world. For access to a number of testimonials, educational blogs, webinars and informative resources on red light therapy, visit: Company: Prism Light Pod Contact: Favianna Oropeza Website: