Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 25 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards LUXE ISLE Best Holiday Clothing Store - Florida Nov20531 Situated in Miami, Florida, which serves as the main gateway to holiday destinations like Latin America and the Caribbean, LUXE ISLE is a favored resort wear brand of travel-savvy, high fashion jet setters who frequent Miami for Art and Fashion events. LUXE ISLE is a leading source of unique boho-chic resort wear, providing everything needed for an island vacation, luxury resort, girls’ trip, or romantic getaway. Understanding how important it is to look and feel your absolute best for a special occasion, LUXE ISLE’s team is available via chat or video consultation to help each client find the perfect outfit for their clients. Every customer is treated to personal concierge service making the experience feel more like shopping with a friend. Founder Mali Hayes takes a hands-on approach to ensure that every client feels special with 5 star service. “We all know the importance of looking and feeling your best is one of the most important details of a special occasion. Taking that stress away allows the client to be able to relax and feel their most beautiful in an outfit that feels perfect for their shape and style.” A creative at heart, Mali’s love of color, print and style was expressed by her artistic endeavors throughout her life. She was intrigued with international style at a young age when she received exotic clothing and accessories from her Aunt who was stationed as a missionary in India. Years later when she moved to Miami, her love for exotic clothing was manifested in the form of a green snake print kaftan complete with crystal embellishments. In 2013, she opened LUXE ISLE with a vision to share these unique and glamorous pieces so that every woman could feel like a Goddess when they wear them, just as she did. LUXE ISLE orders small quantities of the Collections to ensure its pieces are truly unique and special to each client. Mali and her team work tirelessly forecasting trends of the upcoming seasons to make sure that they only order what they will need from suppliers. Those items that don’t sell as well are sold on outlets and secondary platforms to ensure every piece eventually gets its forever home, eliminating waste and ensuring the planet remains as beautiful as as their Luxe Isle clients. There is no doubt that Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the resort wear industry, as travel restrictions have seen an enormous decrease in people taking holidays. International and domestic logistics have also proven challenging at times, but Mali and her team are always available for her loyal clientele since plans can manifest almost overnight and time is of the essence when shipping times can be very uncertain. And her advice to all the jet setters currently housebound, missing the sun, sea and sand, and wanting to capture a bit of island life at home? “Every woman should have a kaftan (or caftan) in their wardrobe. It’s the most comfortable item for lounging, especially in these lock down times and looks so much nicer than sweats! In some cultures, the kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty and provides a feeling of instant-Goddess appeal to the wearer.” Until that time when we are once again able to don our most glamorous beach-side apparel and take to our favorite holiday destinations, LUXE ISLE will continue to offer exquisite resort wear pieces to infuse the color and glamour that we need in our lives now more than ever. Company: LUXE ISLE Contact: Mali Hayes Website: LUXE ISLE is the ultimate destination for bohemian chic holiday resort style; capturing the very essence of glamour and wanderlust in its eclectic collections. LUXE ISLE’s mission to ensure that every customer feels their absolute best in an outfit that is perfectly suited for their style and shape. LUXE ISLE offers free personalized shopping guidance to every customer, easing the uncertainty of shopping online and providing an enjoyable shopping experience. We spoke to Mali Hayes, Founder of LUXE ISLE, about how she has captured her love of all things bright and beautiful in a high- end fashion brand.