Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 26 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Ritual Beverage was originally an idea shared between its three founders about the need for non-alcoholic spirit options. This idea quickly blossomed into a company, which now creates three alcohol free choices – Gin, Tequila and Whiskey. The Non Alc Industry is really a subset of the alcohol industry that doesn’t quite understand how to use the category. The early adopters are quick to engage but the larger portion of the audience need more education. One of the fastest ways to adoption is through in person trial, which has been eradicated during this period. We’ve had to find new ways to engage with an accepting audience and a new audience. Since their inception, Ritual Beverage’s mission has been to continue focusing on expanding distribution of their products. Their entire process is centered around innovation of creating a new product in a nascent category. As the team develop their products, their goal is to create the world’s best non- alcoholic spirit. The talented team at Ritual Beverage create a high-quality product which provides a simple way to cut out the alcohol from a cocktail – a Ritual Beverage Company produces Ritual Zero Proof Spirit Alternatives – one of the first US based non- alcoholic spirit alternatives. Since launching Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative in April 2020, Ritual Beverage Company’s product has been ranked as the highest rated non-alcoholic spirits by Beverage Testing Institute. We decided to take a closer look at Ritual Beverage Company and their exceptional products, such as LUXlife’s Best Non- Alcoholic Spirit (USA) - Ritual Zero Proof, to see what makes them one of the non-alcoholic spirit beverages of choice for many. Dec20046 Ritual Beverage Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit (USA): Ritual Zero Proof great alternative for those who want the same great taste, but not the alcohol. Their simple, yet effective, one to one replacement allows people from beginners through to professional mixologists to produce a delicious drink with their products. It is not just the promise of no hangover which is an enticing benefit to swapping to non- alcoholic beverages. By using Ritual Zero Proof, people are able to reduce their intake of calories, carbs and of course - alcohol. Ritual Beverage have effortlessly provided consumers with an easy to use product which is a healthy alternative to a spirit. Aside from being a healthier option for individuals, Ritual Beverage has also taken into consideration the impact their production and finished products have on the world. The company strives to use recycled materials at every turn. In addition to this, they are currently searching for ways to help reduce their carbon footprint through streamlined productions. As for what the future holds for Ritual Beverage, the company’s current trajectory is for their products to become the number one non-alcoholic choices in the US. In the pipeline currently, the company is excited about their next launch in Q1 2021. For now, we raise a glass to Ritual Beverage and to the Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit (USA): Ritual Zero Proof. Company: Ritual Beverage Contact: David Dorton Website: