Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 27 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Since 2003, Akita Rosewater has been a leading producer and manufacturer of rosewater, lavender water, and a range of natural skincare products that include these two salubrious ingredients. Founded by partners and engineers of innovation, Burhan and Ayse, Akita Rosewater has pioneered a new method of distilling rosewater and lavender water so that users of their products are able to enjoy the full benefits of the revitalising plants. Akita uses Rosa Damascena flowers, which are also known as ‘Queen of the Roses’ because their benefits outweigh any other breed of rose, and which bloom for only one month of the year. Grown in a specialised garden in Isparta, Turkey, the flowers are then picked and taken to a nearby factory so that the petals can be used to make rosewater and rose oil. With Akita’s ingenious technique, the oil and water are not separated during the process so as to produce pure rosewater that is unique in the natural skincare market. The team of engineers use a mix of traditional production techniques that incorporate copper alembics and innovative patented technology in its long distillation process to enhance the Rosa Damascena’s healing benefits and high frequency, which enables the molecules of the water to penetrate the body quickly and start acting rapidly. The rosewater energises cells so as to bring balance, harmony, and beauty to the body, and Akita’s distillation process means that the valuable essential rose oils retain its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory Akita Rosewater is an international manufacturer and supplier of natural skincare products using pure rose and lavender water. Producing its award-winning breed of Rosa Damascena in Isparta, Turkey and using unique and innovative processes to distil the most organic and beneficial rosewater in the nearby factory, Akita has created a range of inimitable products that are loved by customers from Turkey to Canada. Akita RoseWater Inc. Best Specialist Rose Water Skincare Company 2020 benefits. Complete with its restorative aromas, Akita’s rosewater has been scientifically proven to cleanse, nourish, and tone inside and out. It takes around three to four tonnes of rose petals to produce one kilogram of rose oil, which is then used to create a complete selection of beauty and skincare products. The Akita range also includes lavender water- products and fragrance-free products that can be used by men and women alike, and include the same healing and restorative attributes of the rose range. Moreover, through the natural process of fermentation that is brought about through the addition of rose vinegar for preservation, Akita’s products have long shelf lives whilst still being totally natural. As such, Akita is leading the market with its ground-breaking natural products, not just in Turkey but internationally. In 2011, Akita launched its second business hub in Toronto, Canada, accelerating the popularity of its products abroad and particularly in the North American markets. Today, Akita exports its products to twelve countries around the world, all while maintaining its commitment to natural processes and ingredients in its revivifying offerings. Akita’s devotion to providing its global clientele with the goodness of its Rosa Damascena garden is what continues to drive the team in its global expansion. Working together to overcome all hurdles and push the boundaries of innovation, the Akita team continues to develop its research and discover even more healing products for their clients. As such, their range of products is growing, presenting clients across the globe with even more ways to bring harmony and beauty into their bodies and lives. Company: Akita RoseWater Inc. Contact: Burhan Kilic Website: / /