Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 28 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Situated in Los Angeles County, California, the city of Pomona is the home of Property Business Improvement District (PBID), the Downtown Pomona Owners Association. An historic, mixed-use urban neighborhood that is a clean, safe and friendly environment, Downtown Pomona is built on a community centered around commerce, education and culture. For twenty-six years, Downtown Pomona has been a thriving Arts Colony created to economically invigorate the city center. Its mission was to create a vibrant community in which residents of Pomona, business owners and visitors could enjoy art exhibitions, delicious dining experiences, shopping trips, or even just a stroll with friends to the coffee shop. Today, Downtown Pomona is a dynamic mix of the historic and the innovative, combining the thirteen modern art museums with the town’s long-established Millard Sheets Fountains, the Arts Colony Arch with the artwork of local artists that can be seen while wandering the Downtown area. There is something for every visitor to fall in love with in this economically and culturally prosperous urban center. The DPOA Family comprises the security, maintenance, creative and administrative teams which collaborate to cultivate the warm and vibrant community that Downtown Pomona constantly strives towards. Moreover, with the support of the City of Pomona, the Downton Pomona is a clean, friendly, and historic mixed- use urban neighborhood and a Property Business Improvement District (PBID) that serves to increase economic vitality by being a regional destination for art and entertainment, as well as a center for commerce, education, and culture. The result is a vibrant community bursting with innovation and creativity, attracting customers, residents and employees to support the thriving businesses of Downtown Pomona. Dec20047 Downtown Pomona Owners Organization Best Arts Events Destination in CA City of Pomona Cultural Arts Commission, its Governing Board, the Tessier Family, The Alley Gallery, and the residents, visitors, and committee members of Pomona, the unique PBID has created a harmonious and flourishing Arts Colony that is growing continuously to provide real and engaging cultural experiences. The dedication of all of these individuals and institutions has been fundamental to maintaining the innovation and creativity that exists at the heart of Downtown Pomona, even throughout this last challenging year. Creative projects such as an outdoor art gallery called ’31 Flavors’ and the Drive-Thru Holiday Parade has meant that visitors are still able to enjoy revivifying culture in a safe, socially distanced manner. Meanwhile, as a downtown property owner association, the DPOA family has been able to continue supporting its business community through the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act and leading the ‘Activate Pomona’ program passed by the City of Pomona to allow businesses to set up outdoor dining, shopping, and even dance classes. The result is a new pedestrian street named Downtown Pomona Public Square, which has ensured the cultural heart of Pomona was able to keep beating at a time when it was more needed than ever. The DPOA team also led the way in staying on top of crucial trends for maintaining businesses’ thriving positions, helping them to establish an online presence and implementing tools such as Buy Online, Pick-up In Store, or providing Curbside Pick- up signage, so that businesses have the resources to pivot their business practices. As DPOA and its community of businesses think literally ‘outside-the-box’, visitors are also able to enjoy greater access to public art outdoors, as artists decorate the Arts Colony and carry out live painting sessions for visitors to watch as they stroll around the center, bringing them even closer to art. Driven constantly by inspiration, the DPOA Family is excited about the future, which will see 250 days of programming for the colony every year. From live painting demonstrations to a farmers’ market, an Art Walk to Night Market, the community will continue to offer something for everyone. Plans are already underway for this year’s ‘Santa’s Workshop’, a month-long event for the community and their friends and family to come and revel in some holiday cheer. With the ongoing support of its wide-spanning community, Downtown Pomona will continue to serve as the intrinsic and creative soul of Pomona and Los Angeles County for years to come. Company: Downtown Pomona Owners Organization Contact: Marco Argote Website: