Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 29 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Founded in 1990 by a group of physical education teachers who shared a vision to integrate knowledge, skills and job opportunities with training, education, and physical activity, Colisseum Cooperative is a vast movement that uses motor disciplines for therapy and care. Fundamentally, Colisseum is built on the belief that every person has the right to move and to enjoy the benefits of health and physical wellbeing, whatever their condition or circumstance. Every individual that Colisseum works with, whether they be disabled, a recovering patient, parent to a young child, or elderly, has access to personalised services in therapy and care that also incorporate fun, dynamism and devoted care. Based in Como, Italy, Colisseum comprises a diverse team of Physical Education Teachers and graduates in Motor Sciences, experts in Psychomotricity, Rehabilitation Therapists, Educators, and Psychologists. With the support of external specialists and institutions, Colisseum designs and produces a range of services that focus on the psychophysical unity of its people, incorporating movement activities and developing motor skills for educational, preventative or rehabilitative purposes. The Dimension Movement of Colisseum is committed to managing the intersection of public and private services at the swimming Colisseum Dimensione Movimento, or the Dimension Movement of Colisseum Cooperative, is a social enterprise created by physical education teachers with a vision to promote motor activities for children and adults of all ages and all abilities. The group integrates education, skills, job opportunities and movement-based disciplines to provide complete therapy and care for its clients across Como and Italy. Social Cooperative Colisseum Dimension Of The Cooperative Company Movement Best Community Physical Education Initiative - Italy pools and gyms of the Disability Day Centre in the Municipality of Como. Whilst enjoying the personal services of Colisseum, clients are also able to enjoy the two swimming pools with water heated to 33°C, a large and medium gym for rehabilitation activities, a massage room, a screening room, an equipped dance studio, and a free play and inflatable play area in the public facility. Meanwhile in the nearby town of Cantú, clients are also able to make use of the many facilities offered in the Colisseum Village, a recreational rehabilitation sports centre that includes gyms, a dance school, pools designed to accommodate classes and personal development, football pitches and an enclosed park. These services have been built and developed for Colisseum’s clients, with whom the cooperative works closely to ensure their diverse and unique needs are being met. As a social cooperative, the team at Colisseum are all partners of the company and therefore personally invested in its growth and development. Recruiting only professionals who have proven experience and share the same, client-centric views as the existing team, Colisseum has been able to build a vast service that does not follow fashions or trends, but uses the knowledge and multidisciplinary insights of its team to create programmes and opportunities that will have lasting impacts for its clients. The passion for their work in improving health and wellbeing is what ultimately drives the team, which translates into dedicated care given by every member of the team to all of Colisseum’s members. As such, Colisseum regularly invests in staff training and development of their professionalism and skills to deliver service that is constantly improving. As a people-centric company, the relationships built by Colisseum internally, with clients, and with collaborative partners in neighbouring institutions are fundamental to ensuring that the group as a collective can provide higher standards of living through a blend of movement and care. Colisseum’s commitment to care has not been deterred by the ongoing pandemic, instead motivating the group to consider new and exciting ways of delivering its services. Consequently, Colisseum Switch (Smart Working Innovative Team Care Health) has been created as an online platform designed to maintain the wellbeing of users through movement of the body at home. Using psychomotor work to reenergize the body and mind, Switch gives users the ability to acquire self-awareness, strength, emotion and passion, and the vital balance between work, family, and free time. These elements have rarely been so important to maintain than they are in the current turbulent climate, and Colisseum’s work in providing consistency and support is proving invaluable. With its flexibility and respect for its clients’ needs and lifestyles, Colisseum and its Switch platform are leading the way in the revolution of the health and wellbeing industry as it moves towards more ethical sources. Colisseum will continue to be an honest and reliable partner in recovery, education, and care for its clients as is it enters its fourth decade of operation dedicated to giving people freedom through movement. Company: Social Cooperative Colisseum Dimension Of The Cooperative Company Movement Contact: Franco Campanella Website: