Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 31 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Stunning décor and elegant furnishings require an experienced eye and a knowledge of scale, color, design and how to combine them all. Luxury is something that everyone strives for. Those who achieve it in Illinois do so by hiring the exceptional services of Expressive Interiors Inc., a luxury interior design firm which offers one- of-a-kind designs and custom- crafted furnishings. Find out more about this exquisite design studio as we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients across Illinois. Expressive Interiors Inc Best High-End Interior Design Studio - Illinois Marietta Calas of Expressive Interiors Inc. takes pride in her superior reputation and the relationships she has built with clients over the years. Expressive Interiors is exactly what it says it is, an interior design studio that delivers exquisitely expressive results. Each project that the studio undertakes is a combined collaboration of creative design and functionality that best meets the client’s needs. Every interior, whether large or small, has the ability to be transformed to a luxurious space. The nature of that luxury depends very much on the person or people living in that space. Expressive Interiors’ mission is to provide the best customer service possible, and to exceed the client’s expectations in the finished project. Upon first meeting with a client, Marietta ensures that she takes the necessary steps to learn about their household, their lifestyle, how the room functions, and what they hope to achieve from the proposed project. Armed with this information, Marietta and her team at Expressive Interiors are able to set out to create a truly luxurious interior that is timeless, functional and totally elegant. Getting to know a client better helps Expressive Interiors design the perfect room that fits their every need and lifestyle choice. Often times, Marietta will include a unique custom-crafted piece into the design that offers the space to be interesting, luxurious, and one-of-a-kind. Since its inception, Expressive Interiors has offered superior customer service from beginning to end. Luxury abounds in more than just the interior design detail that this firm offers. They take pride in the fact that every client is made to be heard, understood, and catered to. They care for their customers to such an extent that they do not consider a project done until every detail has been completed, and the client is absolutely elated with the end result. In terms of unique style and design, Expressive Interiors reigns supreme and offers boundless amounts of luxury, quality, beauty, and craftsmanship. Expressive Interiors is a full-service design studio. This means that they work with architects and builders on new constructions as well as working with clients on single- room renovations or moderate changes. The recent impact of COVID-19 has meant that more and more people are spending time in their homes and seeing the need for change like never before. Some are requiring a new functional office to work at home, and others are requesting a stunning new kitchen or bathroom. The unexpected opportunity that has arisen from this pandemic is that more people are wanting their homes redecorated or renovated because they are now home all the time, and are noticing a need to make their living space more desirable and functional. Delivering luxury to a client that wants interior design renovations often requires partnering with various vendors and craftsmen. Having been in the industry since 1996, Expressive Interiors has teamed up with some of the finest. In order to eliminate unnecessary delays, Expressive Interiors follows up every week with these vendors or craftsmen, checking on each order placed and confirming delivery dates. In turn, the client is then updated with this information. Luxury design is not only about the exceptional result, but also about the process while accomplishing this result. Clear and open lines of communication help eliminate any unexpected surprises. Expressive Interiors works hard to excel in this area, and their client’s value being well- informed through the duration of the project. As Expressive Interiors celebrates their twenty-fifth year in business in 2021, the goal of the studio is to continue delivering luxury and customer service to every client. Surely, the studio will continue to achieve new levels of brilliance and beauty in the years to come. We foresee continued success to Marietta and her design firm. Having earned its place in this years’ Global Excellence Awards 2020 from LUX life Magazine, the future is bright indeed for Expressive Interiors. Company: Expressive Interiors Inc. Contact: Marietta Calas Website: