Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 32 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Situated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, NKMB Holding is an international governing body of modelling agencies that is increasing the breadth of the industry. Governing modelling agencies in the hair, cosmetics, beauty and nail industries, NKMB works with schools of hairstyling, make-up artists and beauty corporations to provide them models to suit their every need. NKMB is the proud holder of Europe’s largest database of professional and amateur models which are recruited through social media, online and even by being noticed in the street. The firm is therefore able to provide its clients with a vast selection of models to choose for their assignments, whether it be for a salon, academy, international fair, exam, or show. Clients are then able to connect with the models quickly and easily, saving time and money in searching for the ideal individual. By integrating technology into its processes, NKMB is positioning itself at the cutting-edge of the modelling industry, and continues to do so by developing its IT operations and solutions department. The firm’s values of Respect, Integrity, Equality, and Transparency are all united in its mission to ‘see things in the present, even if they are in the future’. The NKMB Consultancy department’s application of advanced technologies is instrumental in the organisation’s progressive approach NKMB Holding B.V is an international governing body of modelling agencies in the hair, cosmetics and beauty industry, charged with ensuring its agencies have the resources and expertise to function at the highest level. Boasting the largest database of professional and amateur models in Europe, NKMB seeks to provide complete solutions for its clients, from modelling cosmetic trends to training beauticians and technicians. We take a closer look at the ’s-Hertogenbosch- based firm and the factors behind its success at the LUXlife: LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020. Nov20445 NKMB Holding B.V. Best Versatile Model Agency - North Brabant, The Netherlands to modelling, not only using its cloud-based infrastructure to grow, but to have a positive impact on the environment by going paperless. The environmental conscience of NKMB goes hand in hand with its social responsibility. As a leading European modelling organisation, NKMB is an influential voice in the promotion of everyone’s unique and individual beauty. Therefore, NKMB does not strictly abide by the regulatory standards used by most modelling agencies, instead welcoming men and women of all shapes and sizes. Even individuals who have no modelling experience are accepted by NKMB, which supports them and empowers them to feel their most beautiful, allowing them to gain experience in schools and training courses until they become confident to take on larger projects. NKMB even creates portfolios for each of their models at their own expense, giving them the strong foundations required to begin their careers with a modelling agency. In addition, NKMB is able to help beautician’s training for specific skin types and skin conditions to find models who match their requirements. As many individuals are sensitive and discreet about their skin conditions, it can be hard for beauty schools to find models willing to show them off, but NKMB operates with confidentiality and discretion, connecting beauticians and models to participate in education programmes and training that are often mutually beneficial. The same people-centric mentality applies to the internal culture of NKMB, which promotes positivity and equality throughout the business. By creating an environment filled with laughter, support and a flat hierarchical structure, NKMB delivers proactive customer service that translates into excellence, which is regularly recognised by positive referrals and feedback. However, NKMB is continuously striving to be better, updating its processes and improving its technologies so that their clients and models are always able to enjoy outstanding service that is relevant and forward-thing. As such, whilst assignments may currently be halted due to Covid-19 and poor weather interfering with outdoor shoots, NKMB is looking forward to activity resuming in early 2021. With ambitions for expansion across Europe over the next ten years, the team at NKMB considers itself fortunate to have had had the support of its international network so far, which will continue to propel the firm onward to further growth and success. It is for that reason that NKMB has dedicated their award for Best Versatile Model Agency – North Brabant, The Netherlands to its colleagues and models, without whom NKMB would not have been able to deliver such exceptional service since its inception, nor be able to look forward to a promising future ahead. Company: NKMB Holding B.V. Contact: Mr. D. Gorissen Website: