Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 35 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards As an independent and privately-owned business, the success of Cosmarida has largely been driven by its close working relationships with loyal customers and its outstanding reputation in the industry. Together, these facets at Cosmarida have enabled them to attract new customers and to maintain their core customer base. Delivering service, value, and quality for every single one of its clients, Cosmarida is a team of specialists in the creation, development and manufacture all categories of personal care. Today, Cosmarida’s vision is to develop dynamic, commercially-strong, and luxury beauty products that drive the success of its clients brands, whilst simultaneously building their reputation for quality products. Cosmarida boasts state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facilities in South Yorkshire, and can tailor its project management services to the specific needs of its customers. From conception through to completion, Cosmarida is passionate about delivering innovation, service, and quality, as well as investing in and supporting all of its clients in delivering a finish that captures the essence of their brands. Luxury does not For more than a decade, Cosmarida has been manufacturing and producing a range of exceptional cosmetics products for leading international and UK-based beauty brands. Comprised of a team of professionals that love what they do and love to innovate new cosmetics products, Cosmarida is a luxury manufacturer that is built on passion and adoration for the cosmetics industry today. Discover more about the firm as we take a closer look at what it has to offer these brands, and why it deserves its place in the Global Excellence Awards 2020 from LUXlife Magazine. Cosmarida Ltd Most Independent Cosmetics Products Manufacturer - South Yorkshire come easy though, and that is why Cosmarida had to move facilities due to its rapid growth. In November 2018, the firm opened a new 50,000 square ft facility in Sheffield as an expansion to its existing warehouse and operations centre. At this centre, Cosmarida stands ready to assist its clients with the manufacture and production of luxury, premium personal care products that are sure to delight their customers expectations. In today’s challenging and evolving retail environment within the luxury personal care industry, it is essential that retailers and brands work with a manufacturer that recognises that product quality and exceptional service is critical to the success of a brand. Cosmarida’s core values of innovation, quality, and service are the lifeblood of the firm, and they show in their work with their global client base. Everything is dealt with using the utmost care and a deep reverence for the products themselves. Cosmarida caters for all client requirements, from concept to technical development, regulatory support to product design, to manufacturing and packaging. All products are truly outstanding; they simply do not leave the warehouse if they are not. The firm’s teams are highly experienced, passionate, qualified, and are ready to help clients navigate the everyday challenges that can happen when companies are looking for new products. Working in the field of luxury personal care products requires detailed knowledge, and the Cosmarida team have that in abundance. Innovation is at the forefront of everything done at Cosmarida, and the team of luxury personal care professionals harness the future trends in textures, ingredients, and packaging to ensure that they develop market-leading, bespoke products for every client. Cosmarida also believes that the art of business is service, and that is why, from initial contact through to delivered product, the client receives the best possible service. Ultimately, luxury personal care products are something that many people use. The manufacturers are the ones behind the scenes that are selflessly pouring themselves whole-heartedly into the creation of these stunningly luxurious products. By partnering with Cosmarida, the luxury cosmetics brands out there know that they have a reliable partner who understands what they are trying to achieve, and that is why the firm is so deserving of this success from LUXlife Magazine. Company: Cosmarida Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: