Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 36 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards ‘Inspiring, transforming, coaching,’ – this is the statement below Diane Forster’s personal logo, snappily expressing everything she’s about. Her personal life coaching brand is dedicated to personally working with women in professional and entrepreneurship settings, helping them to cultivate and develop their own personal ideas into forward-thinking life plans. Additionally, she runs a multi-media enterprise named ‘I HAVE TODAY’. This ever-expanding operation currently includes a channel on the e360tv Network, a YouTube channel and podcast through which she delivers life advice, aided by a cast of guests such as CEOs, experts and authors. This targets people who suffer with depression, hopelessness and suicidal ideation in order to encourage them to find methods of coping. The ‘I HAVE TODAY’ brand also contains within it a non-profit movement focusing on inspiring people to live with intention and in the present moment. It has the high flying and ambitious goal of reaching one billion people, which perhaps gives you some of an idea of how ambitious Diane herself is! We asked Diane what about her brand connects with her audience, and she told us: ‘Our clients tell us they like that we listen, understand, empathize, care, and proactively provide solutions they can’t find anywhere else. We do it with pure heart!’ Alongside the more cognitively based side of coaching that focuses on changing her client’s attitude towards themselves and their life, Diane and ‘I HAVE TODAY’ combine these techniques with physical, practical activity. Their creations include digital programs and products, books, and filmed talks given through her own booked shows as well as through networks such as TEDx. Diane has also been featured on ABC, NBC, QVC, BRAINZ Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Business News Daily, Inventor’s Digest and Small Business Digest. Diane is also an innovative forward thinker who has developed her own technique that she calls the “Rapid Mindset Shift” tool. The mind behind her own personal life coaching service as well as the leader of a wider multi-faceted media company, influencer Diane Forster tells us all of the details of being the face of such a rapidly expanding empire. Diane Forster, Inc. Life Coach of the Year for California: Diane Forster This technique is unique to Diane, and includes a 90-minute focused Strategic Life Assessment session, a personalized mantra meditation of about five to ten minutes in length, and three private coaching sessions of up to 45 minutes each. Alongside the singular nature of this technique to Diane, she believes that the attitude of both herself and her company is what sets her apart from her competitors. As the front-runner of the enterprise, Diane has three decades of marketing and sales experience under her belt, as well as certification as a coach and mentor, and an Innovation Award. She is imperative in ensuring that every client who comes to her experiences their culture of ‘compassion, connection, appreciation, and enthusiasm’. Within ‘I HAVE TODAY’, Diane and her team foster an attitude of ‘connecting with your inner CHILD’, an acronym for ‘creativity, honour, integrity, life balance and diversity’. This alongside a firm belief that a person should fearlessly go after their dreams, shows this company’s drive to succeed in taking this venture where they want it to go. Working within the industry of personal development has meant working within an industry of growth over the past year. Although many sectors have struggled due to the pandemic, with companies finding the transition to remote work difficult, the life coaching industry has not suffered as much. With more people having the time to put into their personal projects and development due to self-isolation, the sector saw an uptick in growth of 18%, and so Diane and ‘I HAVE TODAY’ have had an ever-expanding pool of clients reaching out to them. Furthermore, in Diane’s home country of the USA, life coaching is a $2 billion industry. With all that in mind, what’s next for Diane and ‘I HAVE TODAY’? As well as an ongoing focus on their movement to reach out to people who struggle with their mental health, Diane is developing a mindset app that will allow her to deliver her services to clients in a whole new way. Alongside this, she is working on turning her company into a network, expanding her reach to get to that ultimate goal of helping one billion people. Diane also wanted us to mention that you can keep an ear out for her voice on the airwaves if you’re in the Los Angeles area, as she is a regular Inspiration Guest for ‘The Edge Radio’ on KHTS. Company: Diane Forster, Inc. Contact: Diane Forster Website: