Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 37 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Fragrances have been used for centuries however in recent years more and more consumers are looking for that natural scent using ingredients that are safer for human health, and more so the environment. The growing demand for these natural fragrances, from perfumes, skincare and cosmetics has seen the natural fragrance market boom around the world, and growth is expected to continue. With a strong faith for the connection between people and nature, Kathryn Walters, launched St. Lucy Botanists to bring consumers exquisite fragrances using wholly natural ingredients that are sustainable and kind to the environment. Kathryns extensive career as a wine & spirits specialist, allows her to use her experience of distilling plant materials to create real fragrances that are far more superior than any products created in a lab. The company’s Caribbean location offers St. Lucy Botanists an array of intriguing Caribbean scents such as Frangipani, Night Blooming Jasmine and West Indian Bay, just to name a few. What makes St Lucy Botanists exceptional, is their passion for providing consumers with a unique fragrance experience at every step of the customer journey, starting with superior raw materials through to product functionality. St. Lucy Botanists give their clients a journey from plant to perfume and provide them with a true connection to nature. Nestled on the rugged Northern coastline on the beautiful island of Barbados, is where St. Lucy Botanists creates exquisite and completely natural fragrances. As winners in this year’s LUX Global Excellence Awards, we spoke to founder, Kathryn Walters, to find out what makes it the go- to perfumer in the Caribbean. St. Lucy Botanists Best Natural Fragrance Brand 2020 – Caribbean St. Lucy Botanists offers a unique selection of naturally fragranced products including handcrafted perfumes, cosmetics and candles. Kathryn admits it has taken many years of hard work to discover the finest variety of ingredients for her products, but in that time, she has also built strong and long-lasting relationships with her growers and suppliers to ensure quality remains at the forefront. Alongside this, St. Lucy Botanists is a true pioneer in promoting sustainable agriculture and ensure that their products are made without harming animals, people, or the environment and this creates additional steps in sourcing their ingredients. This year has been a difficult year for St. Lucy Botanists, as it has been for many. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the travel and tourism industry in the Caribbean and this has restricted the ability for people to come into the store, sample the products and experience the true plant to perfume journey. However Kathryn highlights, “The pandemic has given us the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, and for me this year has ben about re-evaluating, conducting more research and trying new daring fragrance compositions.” Looking ahead, Kathryn is eager to see the return of visitors to the island so that they can experience and sample all of the exquisite natural fragrance products that St. Lucy Botanists has to offer. As a business built on the respect for the earth the company will continue to produce their inspiring botanical products, whilst promoting integrity, humility and respect for the environment and its surroundings. Company: St. Lucy Botanists Contact: Kathryn Walters Website: “It’s our passion to create alluring scents using the finest natural materials that hark back to the golden days of perfumerywhere the value lies in the product, not the packaging.”