Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 38 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Formed from a deep appreciation for innovative technology and beautiful jewellery design, CG Rings 3D is an online social marketplace that welcomes jewellers, manufacturers, and customers who are seeking stylish, unique, and beautiful jewellery directly from the designer. What sets CG Rings apart in the jewellery industry is its freedom for creativity in designs, whether a client is seeking a specific piece that they have seen elsewhere or working from a sketch. The team at CG Rings uses a meticulous eye for design with cutting-edge technology to bring sketches to life in beautiful, high quality pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime. Moreover, the whole process of creating those pieces is made easy for the client: simply choose the design, order it, and CG Rings handles the rest. However, CG Rings is constantly striving to increase its offering for its clients, with ambitions to become one of the largest online databases of jewellery not just in Europe, but in the world. The goal is to create a global community of designers and jewellers who come to the CG Rings for inspiration and to grow their own businesses, benefiting from the company’s unique culture of technology, creativity and opportunity. The cohesion of these three elements has been enhanced by CG Rings’ business acumen which has been developed through CG Rings 3D is an online social platform for jewellery design used by manufacturers, jewellers, and individuals seeking unique and beautiful pieces sourced directly from the jewellers. With ambitions to create a global community of designers and jewellers, this European firm is revolutionising the way we buy jewellery for ourselves and as gifts for the most important people in our lives. We take a closer look at this unique combination of adornments and technology. CG Rings 3D Best 3D-Designed Jewellery Marketplace - Europe many years of experience in running and managing a business. One of the greatest lessons learnt during this time has been the importance of customer service and as such, CG Rings has always prioritised the customer experience in all its operations. Every member and visitor to the site is welcomed with service that exceeds expectations and the team at CG Rings is constantly learning from the feedback they receive so that the business can grow and evolve to best suit the individual needs of its customers across the continent. Operating on a digital platform, CG Rings has been fortunate to not feel the effects of the pandemic but to be able to continue providing its community with the same exquisite jewellery and high-quality service. Now, the company is looking at how they can take technology and design even further, exploring the wider field of 3D product processing. This includes realising 3D products in precious metals such as gold, palladium and platinum, and being able to incorporate natural gemstones. As the capabilities of its jewellery production broadens and its new collections of 3D jewellery continue to grow, CG Rings’ platform will continue flourishing and thriving as a centre of inspiration and innovation. As it pursues its ambitions of globalisation, we look forward to seeing the success of CG Rings grow from strength to strength. Company: CG Rings 3D Contact: Babut Forin Valentin Website: