Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 39 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Launched in 2017, Green Wallscapes is passionate about spreading botanical joy through its work while pushing the boundaries of floral design. Today, the business offers moss walls, logos, lettering and art for residential and commercial interiors all over the US and Canada. Going into further detail, Lindsay begins by providing us with a detailed insight into the business and the type of designs their clients desire. “While working with top brands like Starbucks, Autonation, and Stella Artois, we have also established relationships with major airlines, real estate development companies, architecture firms, property managers, dental and medical practices, yoga and pilates studios, cannabis dispensaries and salons/ spas amongst others. Naturally, our high-end residential clientele are looking to soften their spaces with organic elements, especially in their living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.” With its team of artists, each person brings a unique vision to the table when it comes to moss art design. Moreover, as Lindsay goes on to explain, everything created is customised to the space, including material selection, size and finishes. “By customizing all our work, we are able to deliver a unique, curated finished piece. When we work with companies, we customise the project to their space, their brand colours, or their logos. Coining the term “plant branding” (which is basically to interpret one’s logo into plants), it’s been a blast adding artistic and Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Green Wallscapes was created to bring natural and positive art into a variety of commercial and residential spaces. Following their recent success in LUXlife’s LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020, we caught up with Lindsay Scherr Burgess to find out more about one of the best bespoke moss wall specialists available in South Atlantic USA today. GreenWallscapes Best Bespoke Moss Wall Specialists - South Atlantic USA natural elements to some amazing clients’ spaces. For our residential clients, our moss pieces always take into consideration the overall design and incorporate design elements to complement the rest of the room. From the many different suppliers, we select the best mosses and plant materials available. This can be very expensive, complicated, and time consuming, but ultimately this is what sets us apart from the rest.” To stay ahead of emerging industry developments, the firm are always looking to apply innovations from other industries, as Lindsay points out. “Whether its new techniques or new systems, we are committed to applying new innovations from completely different arenas. For example, we get inspired by pastry chefs, artists, jewellers, other specialty contractors, or industrial/interior designers to enhance our work further.” In a relatively short space of time, Green Wallscapes has achieved a great amount of success and much of it can be attributed to the firm’s internal culture. “The team are empowered to take on a lot of responsibility, including developing processes and systems to help with the flow of customer care, and because of that, we have reached a very high level of client satisfaction” Lindsay highlights. “As hyper- communicators, our clients know exactly what they are going to get, and we will make changes to accommodate their design vision if we don’t get it right the first time. Without an ego about our work, we are diligent about delivering on time and in a very transparent manner. Everyone on the team is incredibly passionate, and we are constantly working on small improvements to delight our clients. Ultimately, we want people to say that working with us was one of the best experiences they’ve ever had, whether we are a subcontractor on a large commercial job or creating a piece of art for a home.” Bringing the interview to a close, Lindsay envisions what the future holds for Green Wallscapes as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Moving forward, we would like to develop a line of products, so that we can bring the price down and delivery time on certain items. In order to meet demand in a quicker manner, we also have plans to hire and work on a lot of little improvements. Beyond this, we are hoping to participate in Art Basel Miami Beach in 2021, by either partnering with a brand or participating with a gallery.” Company: Green Wallscapes Contact: Lindsay Scherr Burgess Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: All photo credits: Amanda Smallcomb All photo credits: Amanda Smallcomb All photo credits: Blair Sharpe