Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 4 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Dec20371 When people think about music, they often don’t think about the costs involved. After all, people deserve to be paid for their craft, but that’s often difficult in this age of digital revolution. It’s easy to access and copy music quickly, however, that doesn’t necessarily make it fair. Moreover, it no longer means it’s even financially viable for some people to become artists at all. Here, we could jump in and talk about what Phantom Records™ is doing to address this, but their motivation is more relevant in a time that has thrust them to the forefront of a wing war of policies in a post-tape landscape. So perhaps we need to talk about the owner: who he is, what drives him, and why he and his team feel it’s time to move away from the modern thinking of nomadic working for musicians and workers. Initially, Phantom Records’™ Owner Mike candidly relays that he’s grateful The entertainment industry is fraught with complications, but some businesses out there enrich life through artistic and tech innovation. When it comes to making Mixtapes, DJing, and innovating without stress, there’s none more refined than the team led by Mike Widener from Phantom Records™. Mike’s an innovator through and through. We share what he’s done to secure so many years of dedication and reach for so many more. We have obliged his request to include references to records in the States where nearly anyone can find evidence of his plans dating back as long ago as 1988. As music evolves, innovators innovate. Let’s meet Mike, his team, and the ‘alter ego:’ his Phantom™. Phantom Records Best Mixtape Streaming Service - Mid-Atlantic USA