Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 42 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Turquoise Tassel is a boutique project for under-privileged yet skilled women who are not able to work outside of their homes for various reasons. Going into further detail, Naz begins by providing us with an overview of the firm, as well as offering more of an insight into the clients that support the business. “The purpose of our project is to create one-of-a-kind accessories, all with intricate embroidery details, while helping women to turn their potential into power. Specifically, our client base tends to be stylish women all over the world who enjoy complementing their looks with colourful, joyful, and creative accessories. Additionally, we also work on special orders trying to turn embroidery to a usable art for many people. “Last year, we collaborated with Levi’s of Turkey adding embroidery to their classic trucker jeans turning them into fashionable accessories. For one of our agricultural clients who cultivates fruit trees, we have prepared handmade cherry keychains for them to distribute as promotion. Supporting sustainability, we prepare all cotton handbags for shopping with an addition of embroidery, and of course the tassel representing us. All embroidery keychains can also be used to enhance any bag and make it very special.” Some of the women behind the business have had difficult life experiences, and as Naz goes on to explain, they are now seen as role models having overcome these challenges and helped make Turquoise Tassel the company it is today. “Apart from the money they earn, they feel the pride of creating value, sharing hopes, dreams, affection, love, joy, and excitement, Situated in Turkey, Turquoise Tassel is a woman-run embroidery accessories company. Following its well- deserved success in the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020, we got in touch with Naz Kurdoglu Sen to find out more about Turquoise Tassel became one of the best women made embroidery accessories company in Turkey today. TurquoiseTassel Best Women Made Embroidery Accessories Company - Turkey extending the positive feelings to the ultimate users of the product they prepare. Accustomed to working with yarn and crochet needles, their motive is to be the best.” In terms of competition, Turquoise Tassel is fortunate in the sense it doesn’t face any direct competitors. However, to distinguish themselves from others in the industry, the team are often involved in education as Naz points out. “By paying special attention to the comfortable usage of our accessories, we are well aware of what is important to a woman. On top of the direct value we are adding to individual lives, we try to support projects raising public awareness for child brides, child labour and support educational scholarships.” Regarding the internal culture in place, Naz highlights how important staff morale is when it comes to the manufacturing of its accessories. “Generally, we believe if you are happy working then the resulting product carries the positive energy through your hands. Finished goods are controlled in several steps, and we guarantee happiness and energy with our products from one woman to another.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the business hasn’t been too badly affected by the pandemic given many of its staff were working from home anyway. “Although the pandemic slowed down the business for a while, we found ourselves out of stock at Christmas and now, we are beginning to come up with very colourful lines for the spring and summer. Fortunately, as we were already working from home prior to COVID-19, production has at least carried on throughout this time.” Bringing the interview to a close, Naz signs off by sharing some of the big and ambitious plans Turquoise Tassel has in store for 2021 and beyond. “Currently, we are selling internationally online, but we would love to be in big department stores like Harrods, Liberty of London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Barney’s, Bloomingdales and museum and airport shops in general.” Company: Turquoise Tassel Contact: Naz Kurdoglu Sen Email: [email protected] Website: Turquoise Tassel is a boutique project for under- privileged yet skilled women who are not able to work outside of their homes for various reasons.