Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 45 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Situated in Carlton, Victoria, Zowie Evans Hairdressing is a boutique salon unlike any other. Combining classic contemporary hairdressing with cutting-edge trends, the Salon Select Gold Member delivers award- winning haircare that is enhanced by ethical practices and its inclusive community. The salon was founded in 2010 by Zowie Evans, who has accrued more than twenty five years of experience as a hair stylist and educator in haircare in the UK and Australia. With the support of her team of Principal Stylists, Courtney Spreen and Travis Wolfe, Zowie has created a professional yet welcoming salon for all. A gender-neutral salon, Zowie Evans is committed to delivering more than just outstanding haircare, but to creating a safe space within the salon itself as well. All Zowie Evans team members are trained in HaiR-3Rs, an initiative launched by EDVOS and supported by Zowie as an ambassador. EDVOS has developed a free training programme on gender inequality and family violence for salon professionals, enabling them to ‘Recognise’ indicators of women facing violence or controlling behaviour at home. The programme also teaches salon professionals to ‘Respond’ appropriately and ‘Refer’ their guests to support programmes for those facing challenging domestic situations. Zowie Evans Hairdressing is a boutique salon that combines modern classics in hairstyling with current trends to deliver timeless yet cutting-edge styles. A gender-neutral salon space that promotes inclusivity and sustainability, Zowie Evans is about so much more than transforming hair: it is about transforming lives. We take a closer look at the salon and find out how Founder Zowie Evans and her team are using haircare as a platform for real change. Zowie Evans Hairdressing Most Client-Focused Hair Salon – Melbourne & LUX Enviro- Excellence Award for Sustainability 2020 Zowie Evans is also a participant in the Dress Code Project, a global alliance of salons and shops dedicated to providing positive, gender- affirming services for their non-binary clients. Consequently, Zowie Evans is part of a world- wide mission to demonstrate that ‘hair has no gender’, creating a safe space in its salon for LGBTQ2S+ clients to have their hair looked after and styled in a way that celebrates their unique selves. The result is an open, relaxed, and inviting salon experience that delivers excellence in service and haircare for its clients, many of whom are professionals aged between thirty and fifty-five seeking a high-end yet warm service. Zowie Evans’ team of exceptionally talented stylists offer extended appointment times as standard, giving them the time to truly understand what their client is seeking for their hair and giving their new style the attention and care it requires. Zowie Evans is this year being recognised at the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020 for its client-focused approach to hairdressing, and is also the recipient of the LUX Enviro- Excellence Award for Sustainability 2020. The salon is proudly 97% waste-free, using exclusively recyclable materials and recycling everything from hair cuttings to plastics to aluminium hair foils, which would ordinarily contribute to the 100 million tons of hair foils deposited in landfill every year. Zowie Evans has also been recognised by the Australian Hairdressing Council with the Green Select accreditation for its excellence in green initiatives, which it takes part in collaboration with Sustainable Salons Australia. As hair repair specialists, the Zowie Evans team is on a mission to help their clients look and feel their most confident through a hairstyle that truly represents them. The team of styling professionals have worked with leading brands such as Chanel and Morroccanoil to achieve dramatic, high- fashion looks, and with individual clients looking to express their best selves through their hair. Zowie and her team are on hand to achieve exceptional results for their broad range of clients, optimising the power of hair to celebrate individuality and at the same time, to protect Planet Earth. Company: Zowie Evans Hairdressing Contact: Zowie Evans Website: