Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 47 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Based in the seaside town of Encinitas, California, which benefits from endless summer and a culture of Bohemian warmth, Lotus Lash Studio is a certified Xtreme Lash Extension boutique that specializes in natural-looking lash extensions and lash care. Founded by Master LashArtist, Madison Montgomery, Lotus is known for innate attention to detail, a commitment to educating on lash care and health, and understated elegance that enhances natural beauty. Madison made the decision to pursue a lifetime’s dream of becoming an aesthetician when her career in a Swiss medical company dealing with stem cells and regeneration suddenly came to an unexpected end with the redundancy of the global corporate division that she was part of. After several months of reflection, Madison made the decision to pursue endless summer and begin a business that was not only customer-facing but a celebration of females and creativity. “I had thought about being an aesthetician on and off for a handful of years and loved getting my lashes done. It was peaceful, I had someone taking care of me, and I felt so glamorous!” says Madison. She also found that lash extensions were much easier to manage, making going to the gym, out in the rain, ready to go out in the morning faster and more hassle-free. Deciding that she wanted to share that same revitalizing experience with Lotus Lash Studio is a bohemian Lash Extension boutique situated in Encinitas, California, that takes inspiration from the ‘SoCal’, beach-ready looks of the seaside town to create natural-looking lashes. Founded by Esthetician, Madison Montgomery when her career path took an unexpected turn, Lotus combines meticulous care with a Boho vibe that has created a welcoming community of LashArt lovers. Madison tells us more about Lotus’ journey to becoming a leading lash studio of Southern California. Lotus Lash Studio Best Lash Artist 2020 - Southern California others, Madison set about beginning her business in Encinitas, a town which she had loved since her college years. Many of her medical skills translated into lash extensions, having worked for almost twenty years in patient care and acquiring a steady hand to apply minute details. She developed her skills further by attending the XtremeLash school where she gained her certification as Master LashArtist. However, whilst her processes in lash extensions and care were meticulous, the ambience of her boutique was almost the opposite, exemplifying the laid-back, ‘SoCal’ vibe of the seaside town. She advertised her new boutique around the town and worked with some surfer girls who were the perfect representation of the natural, beach babe beauty Madison sought to achieve in her lash looks. Working with individual lashes instead of volume, Madison is able to maintain the health and integrity of the lashes, defying the trends for thick lashes that skew perceptions of what people expect lashes to look like. By enhancing the faces of her clients with lash extension designs tailored to their looks, rather than dominating them with generic, voluminous lashes, Madison has created a studio which celebrates women, making them feel their most beautiful selves both outside and in. As a result, Lotus is no longer simply a studio but a hub for women to feel heard, respected, understood and cared for. Madison works with her clients honestly, informing them of what she can do for them and advising them on how they can best enhance their natural features and the positivity of her service has attracted a loyal and high-profile clientele. “It is with genuine pleasure that I am of service and I practice gratitude daily for my blessings”, says Madison. Madison guarantees discretion in her services for all clients, particularly for her more high- profile clients who require their lashes to look as beautiful yet natural as possible. The combination of discretion, surgical precision, and a warm, welcoming culture has made Lotus a premier choice in lash extension studios in Southern California, whilst Madison herself has been recognized in publications for her LashArt. The addition of the LUXlife: LUX Global Excellence Awards 2020: Best Lash Artist 2020 – Southern California is further testament to her outstanding services for clients and their lashes. Madison puts the success of her studio down to the community that has grown around it: “I don’t think any of us get anywhere truly alone. I have met wonderful people that have supported my efforts and dreams by sharing my Instagram and their experiences with their friends. My business has been built by word of mouth and women sharing with women.” With the continued support of her clientele, Madison is able to look forward to empowering her growing community of women to feel their most naturally beautiful selves through exceptional lash care services. Company: Lotus Lash Studio Contact: Madison Montgomery Website: