Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 49 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Robotto was launched following a full-year bachelor thesis in Robotics at Aalborg University, Denmark. Here, a team of five, including Robotto’s CEO, Kenneth Richard Geipel, were deciding on a topic to study during the summer of 2018. While the group began considering their options, unbelievable wildfires began dominating the headlines as they spread across the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, the Aalborg team decided they would seek a robotics solution which could support emergency services in combatting the spread of wildfires. In collaboration with the Danish Emergency Management Agency, the group began developing software and an autonomous drone platform that could not only identify wildfires but also analyse them, giving firefighters the tools they need to make informed decisions. With this, Robotto was born along with the development of its first product, AWRA or the Autonomous Wildfire Recognition and Analytics platform. Today the group, along with their ever-growing team, is working on expanding their platform and getting it in the hands of the brave men and women fighting to keep our communities safe. Whilst drone technology has become more popular in Robotto is an award-winning provider of AI and robotics- based solutions for combatting climate change, supporting sustainable communities, and protecting human lives. The group’s flagship product AWRA was created with a vision to tackle wildfires, one of the most significant implications of climate change, by supporting firefighters through data handling and computing. In light of the success of the AWRA, Robotto tells us how it is continuing to push technology forward to Innovate Reconnaissance. Robotto Software Entrepreneur of the Year 2020: Kenneth Geipel & LUX Award for Innovation in Sustainability 2020 recent years with firefighters, the basic platform of a camera that can only identify a wildfire has meant this technology can only do so much to combat the danger. AWRA not only enables the drone to identify this same wildfire, but autonomously gather data on the fire and transmitting it immediately to a mobile device in the hands of the incident commander. Unlike traditional drone technology, AWRA is able to analyse the exact location, size, and direction of the wildfire and plot that information on a topological map in real-time. In doing so, the software autonomously handles all of the operator’s tasks of analysing and processing the data enabling firefighters to make smart and efficient decisions to tackle the fire more effectively, keeping their communities safe. The cutting-edge computer vision algorithms built into AWRA, developed by the Robotto team itself, have been widely accredited for its sophistication and ability to calculate the data and complexity of a wildfire. There is no doubt that this natural phenomenon is a deadly symptom of the global warming crisis, and AWRA demonstrates that robotics could play a vital role in defending the earth from this crisis. In light of the successful launch of AWRA, Robotto has its visions set on pushing the boundaries of robotic capabilities further and developing more technological products designed to make the world more sustainable. Currently the team works closely with SDG targets 11, 13 and 15, including five sub- targets, therein developing technology that facilitates the green transition or reduces the environmental impact of climate change and human action through the implementation of robotic technologies. In addition to this, Robotto is also collaborating with Aalborg University to develop the use of swarm drone technology, which could be immensely beneficial to search and rescue operations in its ability to forestall areas or hard to reach locations faster and more accurately. Implementing its state-of-the-art technology, Robotto is continuing to prove the extraordinary capabilities of robotics and AI in our fight against climate change. This progress has, however, been somewhat impeded by the pandemic, as it has made it near impossible for the team to travel to its collaborators in Australia, Chile, and the USA to continue developing and improving their product to work best in a practical setting. By its very nature, Robotto is a global company counting five nationalities amongst its five founders. Working on a flat hierarchical structure that brings this close-knit group together to share insights on everything from the development of technology to marketing and sales, the team is able to thrive together to ensure that their product is recognised for its abilities on an international scale. Once lockdowns and restrictions ease, the Robotto team will be quick to resume the cultivation of its global network. Thus, in under three years, Robotto has developed a ground-breaking product that is saving lives and protecting our planet through AI and robotic technology. It is the investment of the team and their passionate drive towards ingenuity and innovation that has been vital to the success of AWRA and Robotto, which has been recognised by publications and awards for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. In its ongoing mission to push the boundaries of technology for the sake of the planet and its people, Robotto is looking forward to a long and bright future that we will all be able to share in. Company: Robotto Contact: Kenneth Richard Geipel Website: