Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 50 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Based in the beating heart of Europe, Colonel is a creative film production company in Brussels, Belgium that makes short films around the world for commercial and luxury clients such as Porsche, Ferrero, Bugatti and more. Colonel is unlike any other business, operating from a five-star clubhouse instead of an office, and going on expeditions rather than the daily commute to work. Injecting heart and soul into mesmerising films, the team uses strong visual and narrative language to capture the finest products, artists and lifestyles from across the globe. Although each film is mere minutes long, by using outstanding equipment and the talents of a global film crew, Colonel delivers timeless and authentic pieces of cinema that have long- lasting impacts on their viewers. Whether they are filming in the USA, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, or even in the familiar territory of Brussels itself, the Colonel team offers a vast range of options for their clients’ films which take into account budgets and brand identity, without compromising on quality. In order to do this, Colonel forms trusting, long-term relationships with its international clientele, who the team soon view as friends rather than associates, so that together they can enjoy the journey of bringing their visions to life. Colonel is a Belgian film production company that creates short films and commercials for clients in the luxury and commercial sectors. Using state-of-the-art cinematography techniques, an innovative and global film crew, and creativity that is left to run wild, Colonel creates stunning visual masterpieces that encapsulate some of the world’s finest products and lifestyles. We take a closer look at the inimitable film production company and the ways in which it brings its dazzling visions to life. Colonel Best Film Production Company 2020 - Belgium Constantly exploring new techniques in cinema, playing with ideas and pushing boundaries of creativity, Colonel is able to deliver commercials, documentary portraits, music videos or short films that capture the very essence of clients and their brands. As an independent and highly creative company, Colonel has the freedom to choose the projects they take on, whether they require crews of five or fifty, a limited or generous budget, a big or small audience. By choosing the projects that Colonel knows it can deliver excellence in, it is able to guarantee total commitment to ensuring the finished product is something spectacular. Through transparency and clear communication between all of the parties involved with the creation of each film, Colonel projects come together beautifully and often result in clients returning to Colonel time and time again. With a philosophy that centres around creating a production process that flows seamlessly from start to finish, watching a project organically grow and flourish is what makes Colonel films unique, each one telling its own story and showing the soul behind it. Thanks to its team of gifted storytellers and artists, Colonel is able to display the boundless spirit of its clients and their brands in dynamic moments of silver screen magic. Company: Colonel Contact: Matthias Schellens Website: