Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 55 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards At the heart of IPO Cosmetics is a desire for women to have the beautiful skin that they deserve without spending a lot of money. Their solution is the 4 Steps facial, available in a single portable packet. It’s unique to them, providing a home spa treatment that is second to none. When Michelle Kim founded IPO Cosmetics, it was after she has founded two successful contemporary fashion brands. In 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, taking some hard-earned time off. It sparked an interest in skincare, with the chemotherapy pills she took drastically changing her own skin. She felt that everyone deserved the chance to have beautiful skin at a price that anyone could afford and a quality everyone would envy. Each product from the team at IPO Cosmetics is made with the top ingredients in Korea. Only the top certified factories are used, and they specialize in high end premium brands all over the world. Because such care is taken to prioritize quality at every stage, IPO Cosmetics can match even the most sophisticated luxury brands without the off-putting prices. Because of COVID-19, the beauty industry has been massively affected. Women aren’t buying cosmetics in the same quantity as a result of wearing mandatory facemasks. For the team at IPO Cosmetics, just a year into operation, it has been an unexpected challenge, but the online boon has been enormous. This is a product that can be an at home facial, allowing people to use it as a key part of their weekly ritual. Skincare is one of the leading parts of the beauty industry, with different manufacturers coming up with exciting new ways of keeping people as beautiful as possible. A new arrival in the field is IPO Cosmetics. Based in Los Angeles, the team has quickly earned a reputation for excellence when it comes to Sheet Mask Cosmetics. We dig a little deeper in the light of this success. IPO Cosmetics Skincare Sensation Sweeps the Nation People who have started using IPO Cosmetics have found that this is a product that not only works, but delivers impressive results. People adore the products on offer, and are eagerly awaiting what is still to come. Currently, the team are in the midst of working on creating two new lines, 4MEN, and 4ACNE. These are intended to come out in 2021, bolstering the range and appeal of the team’s hard work. Having that close relationship with customers has been key to the team’s success. They have taken all the feedback offered to hear, finding ways of improving their product and increasing overall satisfaction. It’s an essential step that lies at the heart of Michelle’s burgeoning skincare empire. With such a strong track record of success behind them, we’re sure to see the team thriving for years to come. Company: IPO Cosmetics Contact: Michelle Kim Web Address: Email: [email protected]