Global Excellence Awards 2020

Page 6 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards For now, the next step for Phantom Records™ - which is both an LLC and a General Partnership - is to expand. Acting as both an LLC and a general partnership allows the team to separate the collection of trade secrets that produce the team’s products from the sales strategies used to sell them. The relationship here is almost as complex as the legalities that surround digital music rights, but Mike and his team are ideally positioned to make things as straightforward as possible, Art comes from history. For him, DJs mix history, tell stories, and make us laugh, cry, sweat, dance, and forget. “Our own laws, all of them, have a foundation in common law, specifically English common law. We know to look there when nothing in our case law deals with an issue.” Mike remembers visiting London his first time when he was 16 and relishes the opportunity to speak directly to those reading this here in the place that sparked his drive to innovate when he learned lucid dreaming on his way there and experienced a whole new “real world” beyond the new one he’d just made. These watershed moments for a teen set a stage. They tell you anything is still possible like when you were young. It relights the spark and re-starts the quest. In his own words: “London is magic. It’s the castles, the Greenwich diamond, midnight Shakespeare, the Hardrock Café off of Hyde Park underground station [back when the black leather jackets had embroidered logos– if you still have those, I still have mine. I bought three – great burgers too]. There are the video game arcades open all night, video gamers in fenced off quarters, plays, comic bookstores full of hardcore fans and all thing D&D. The hotel staff are so polite, and of course, Wimbledon. But I skipped some things when I wanted to explore. That’s how I found the Shakespeare midnight plays. Britain carries, within its history and through its alliances, a complex tapestry, and houses a Western nexus of influence we see woven within movies we love as Americans and stories we reveal as history junkies after the credits roll.” Mike says Western Europe is a nexus for the building blocks of modern art as well. “The way we express ourselves now is a marriage of art and science. Never has the College of Arts and Sciences been more relevant. Think about COVID. People are stuck at home and they are using technology like video conferencing to approximate human contact as best possible.”