Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 7 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards This is where Phantom Records™ finds a unique opportunity. “COVID has proven why Phantom™’s distinct delivery model is pandemic proof. One could call it “socially conscious” and it’s one reason we’ve had loyal customers through the years.” In an industry so complex that can be fickle about taste from year to year, like fashion, how does Phantom™ remain relevant? The team simply taps at the source – with permission, of course. Mike works with the “end user”, as he says. He has several credits in multiple disciplines of education all related to visual arts and technology which enable him to bring visual prototypes to life that are interactive and perfectly convey his ideas. It’s easy for a team to follow through. It’s also easy to test it before building it. Much like he did with Gamescape Interactive NZ Ltd., in New Zealand, Mike tests, and tests, and tests. He reports that he listens to his marquee mixes six weeks before he’s satisfied. That’s when he uploads it to a streaming service that legally and accurately dolls out the cash to all the right parties. That’s the “permission” piece of the puzzle.