Global Excellence Awards 2020 Page 9 LUX 2020 Global Excellence Awards Phantom™ calls them “Music Journals” and they’re more like personal ‘time capsules’ than performances. Practical Applications for Phantom Records™ & DJ eXperience®: Phantom Records ™and DJ eXperience® work hand in hand. Much like a record label arrangement, but with the assurance that the label is socially conscious and economically supportive. Mike’s goal of healthcare for all DJs became almost moot after the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, so he and his team moved on to put their efforts into continuing to research and develop the ‘next level’ in music delivery. As mentioned early in this piece, the music industry is highly complex and ever evolving. “At Phantom™, we do our homework. We learned that if you read the tiny fine print on vinyl and cassette tapes, we didn’t actually own the music we purchased. In a way, we’ve always “rented” it, according to how our music rights lawyers interpret it in the States.” In the years since its establishment, Phantom Records™ has gone beyond entertainment. Mike’s team has consulted medical professionals, researched the effects of music on memory recall, studies automated ways of paying music rights while streaming, and contact-free performance techniques. According to their research, music has already been shown to revive Alzheimer’s patients when used in conjunction with iPhones. This particular approach touches Phantom’s owner because he too has suffered a memory loss event leading to a loss of his own history, skills and knowledge retention. He called it a “deeply humbling experience”.