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Welcome to the 2021 Global Excellence Awards LUX-life Magazine is delighted to present to you the acclaimed 2021 Global Excellence Awards. Renowned for fair and analytical comment towards some of the world’s most luxurious markets, businesses and service providers. It is our absolute pleasure to, once again, delve deep into the world of lavished luxury with the aim of presenting to our readers a comprehensive and honest representation of the very best that the international global luxury lifestyle has to offer. From importing, curating and distributing high-end vehicles, jewellery or fine art; to arranging luxury experiences, or providing luxury transport, concierge or security services, the Global Excellence Awards honours the contributions of the very best of those whose aim is above and beyond the competition. They will have demonstrated excellence within their chosen sector and market, regardless of whether that is on a global or local basis, to some of the world’s most discerning clientele! AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

6. Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards: Best Wine & Food Tasting Experience - Sonoma County 10. Another Design International: Best Interior & Architecture Studio - London 12. 4M Club LLC: Best Elite Matchmaking Agency - North America 13. Bella Public Relations: Best PR Firm - Northeast USA 14. SiteStaff Chat: Best Live Chat Service Provider - USA 15. Point South KOA: Campgrounds of the Year - South Carolina 16. Bermuda Foundation: Best Community Support Organisation - Bermuda 17. Michel Herbelin: Best Luxury European Watch Brand 2021 18. Rachel Tucker Studios Inc: The Best Bespoke Jewellery in Toronto & Best Fine Jewellery Manufacturer - Ontario 19. Millennium Communications: Best Beauty & Lifestyle PR Agency - New South Wales 20. Paw Patch Pastries: Best Pet Cakes & Pastries Retailer 2021 21. Broworks: Best Web Design Agency – Serbia & Excellence Award for App Design Services 2021 22. Needham Solutions LLC: Most Innovative Marketing Agency - USA 23. Mx Skincare Holdings PTY LTD: Best Luxury Cosmeceutical Unisex Skincare Brand 2021 24. Organic Bronze Bar: Best Organic Spray Tanning Specialists - Oregon 25. Nomadic Washrooms: Best Luxury Toilet & Shower Trailer Provider - Wales 26. Tartaruga Design Inc: Best Stone Fireplace & Mantelpiece Designers 2021 27. Hotel Erwin: Best Boutique Hotel - Los Angeles 28. Circle 8: Best Lifestyle & Event Service - Zurich 29. Sophie Candau Communication: Best Marketing & Communication Strategy Agency - Paris 30. Herdade do Rocim: Winemakers of the Year 2021 - Europe 31. Ritual Zero Proof: Best Alcohol Free Spirit 2021 32. Glowceuticals: Dermatological Products Manufacturer of the Year - Europe 33. Zadel Jewellery Studio Inc: Best Bespoke Jewellery Design Studio - British Columbia 34. Zowie Evans Hairdressing: Hair Salon of the Year 2021 - Melbourne 35. Ms. International World: Best Female Fashion Show & Talent Management Organisation 2021 36. Château Masburel: Winery of the Year 2021 - Aquitaine 37. Del Fuego Artist Management: Best Talent Management Agency - Italy 38. Xanadu Med Spa: Best Luxury Medi Spa - Northern Colorado 39. Handcrafted Shelves: Best Handcrafted Oak Shelves Retailer - Midlands 40. GAVINHO Architecture & Interiors: Best Luxury Architecture & Interior Design Firm - Portugal 41. Diane Forster Inc: Most Inspirational Mindset Coach- USA 42. Thistle Ceremonies: Best Bespoke Ceremony Event Services - Scotland 43. Prism Light Pod: Best Red Light Therapy Device 2021

Page 6 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards is owned by Mary Roy and her husband, Bob Covert, along with their family members, Nadine Roy and Peg Wieser. Mary is a renaissance woman, serving as a chef, winemaker, chocolatier, and head of day-to-day onsite operations. Mary and Bob are both physicians from Naperville, IL and are the parents of six children and five grandchildren. Bob maintains his day job in Naperville as a neonatologist, caring for premature babies, and commuting home to Sonoma on a regular basis. Mary and Bob purchased a historic Dry Creek Valley vineyard in 2013 after Mary completed her Winemaker Certificate from UC Davis, followed by completion of Levels 1 and 2 of the International Sommelier Guild. A selftaught chef with a down to earth attitude, Mary delights guests with her sinfully delicious cooking, paired with a variety of fabulous wines… and then there is the chocolate! Capo Creek’s mission is to provide a relaxing environment that will transpose its customers into a different world, where the stresses of everyday life briefly melt away. The winery is constantly rotating its experiences so that guests can “expect the unexpected”. In addition to the classic varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Zinfandel, wines are crafted from lesserknown Rhone varietals such as Counoise, Cinsault, Mourvedre, Grenache Noir, and Grenache Blanc, allowing guests to experience a myriad of new flavours. The elegant wines produced on site at Capo Creek are mostly sourced from their own organic vineyards where the vines are hand tended rather than machine harvested. They are then carefully crafted using state of the art winery equipment allowing for gentle processing Nov21313 Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards Best Wine & Food Tasting Experience - Sonoma County Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards is a family-owned boutique winery in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, offering unique food and wine experiences in a pastoral setting surrounded by vineyards and gardens. Page 7 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards

Page 8 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Sep21550 resulting in amazingly delicious wines with great mouthfeel and beautiful aromas. The upscale comfort food is prepared using the freshest ingredients sourced from their gardens and local markets. Each daily menu is customised for each table and can accommodate all types of food restrictions including delicious vegan options. These custom private experiences are combined with bits of ‘whimsy’ and unexpected elements along the way, creating a joyous and unique experience for all. The natural beauty of the wildflower and vegetable gardens in addition to the old barn, English greenhouse, and surrounding vineyards create a beautiful yet comfortable ambience unlike the traditional highly manicured and formal surroundings of most other wineries. Group dining in the charming and heated hospitality section of the wine cave can also be accommodated, pandemic permitting. Optional tours through the vineyard and/or winery/wine cave are also private and complement the dining experiences. No other winery in Napa or Sonoma provides such a combination of private experiences. The” Events “at Capo Creek are also private 5-star experiences and range from winemaker dinners to weddings, corporate gatherings, or birthday parties (including decadent and delicious house made birthday/wedding cakes with the best French buttercream). As physicians, Mary and Bob have taken the health of all staff and guests very seriously during these times of COVID. The gorgeous and private outdoor seating is well suited to social distancing while dining amongst the butterflies and hummingbirds. Ultimately, visitors love Capo Creek for its lovely wines, unbelievable food pairings, and warm hospitality. A quick visit to Google reveals all 5-star reviews with one welltravelled customer noting the six-course food and wine pairing was “close to some of the best Michelin restaurants that I have dined in, each course building on the last”. He went on to note that “the filet was cooked perfectly and the whipped tates were damn near close to Joel Rubichon Pomme Puree.” The berry galette was “outstanding, with choice fruit topped on a super flaky crisp crust”. Another customer who went to Capo Creek summed it up nicely as “Simply the best food and wine experience in Sonoma! Do not miss out on this! The vista, the wine and food were second to none. Would go back in a nano “We are always reinventing ourselves and trying new techniques in both the kitchen and winery,” says Mary. second. THE BEST!”. If you are planning a visit to wine country be sure not to miss this fabulous winery whether it be for a private tasting or private event and learn more first-hand about their transition from medicine to winemaker/chef/farmers. Your senses will be tickled, your bellies will be content, your hearts will be happy and great memories will be made. Company: Capo Creek Winery and Vineyards Contact: Mary Roy Email: [email protected] Website: Page 9 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards

Page 10 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Architecture is as much about form as about function. The best architects understand that they are artists that create living, livable spaces that can breathe life into the areas they occupy. Whether they work in residential, commercial, or governmental spaces, this truth remains at the core of their work. This equilibrium remains a constant, regardless of who or what the space is for. Pal Pang is an architect that has long celebrated this simple fact about the field he works in and has endeavored to challenge paradigms and push the boundaries on what can be achieved. As Pang emphasizes, architecture is all about space. How it is used, how it could be used, how it interacts with the people that use it. “Designers and architects should always keep in mind the changing needs of the consumer. The changing needs of those that use a space. That’s the key to timeless design, as I see it.” This perspective has only been reinforced by the pandemic over the last couple of years, with greater importance placed on space design to accommodate for both current and potential future needs. “People define spaces. With people now spending more time indoors as the result of the pandemic, we must rethink and adapt how we go about designing these spaces for alternative and extended use. There’s more of an emphasis on meetings needs across the board, whatever they might be,” Pang enthuses. Dec21093 Another Design International Best Interior & Architecture Studio - London Following the well-deserved recognition in LUXlife’s Global Excellence programme, we sat down with Another Design International’s Founder Mr Pal Pang to discuss the ethos, drive and future of the studio. “I am looking to inspire people.” -Mr Pal Pang Page 11 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards This ability to anticipate changes in the industry and set the pace for others has long distinguished Pang from his peers. Spearheaded by his distinctly minimalist, avant-garde style, Another Design International has secured a highly regarded reputation on the global landscape. Currently, the team at the studio are taking on an office space conversion in London, with the aim of eventually working across the Hong Kong and UK markets equally in the commercial space. The commercial space has certainly been impacted by the pandemic as a result of a push of remote working and a monumental need for flexible working environments. “We can always do better for the end user, and with people working the in the co-user space there’s a greater need to work to all requirements of the space. Function is crucial, but form and art should always be kept in mind. Ultimately, we’ll be focusing on refining our offerings and approach over the next few years. We’ll be focus on delivering and exceeding expectations for the consumers that use our spaces.” About Another Design International In 2001, Pal Pang founded what would become Another Design International – Pal Pang Interior Architecture. From the beginning Pang has driven for ‘change’, challenging paradigms, and ideas for what a space can be. With this idea in mind, Pang worked on his first project with Madia in 2003. In this project he showcased a unique mindset for combining form and function into a cohesive whole, using LED lights and stainless steel to increase the visibility of the diamonds in the jewelry store. In 2014, Pang moved to the United Kingdom where he founded his studio, Another England, where he continues to redefine what space can be. Another Design International has quickly become one to watch in the architectural sphere and strives to continue its path of success. For all spaces, and all people, Another Design International focuses its efforts on weaving its magic into every project. With a passionate attitude and incredibly bright ideas, this company is reaching for the stars as it focuses on its upward trajectory through its creativity and excellent services. We look forward to seeing what it does now that it has won Best Interior & Architecture Studio – London. Website: “Space is people. People is space. Art, music, lights…it all comes together to create space.”

Page 12 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards For a very wealthy, U.S. based single man (50+); it can be hard to find the right woman. At the 4M Club, the ultra-successful client who has spent his life building up a company to indescribable success, can trust the matches he meets are high-caliber women. Qualified men, operating at C-Level, such as CEOs, CFOs and CTOs, it’s clear this is millionaire matchmaking at its finest. The secret behind the success of 4M Club is Christine Stelmack, the founder and CEO. Chris works directly with her clients, offering one-to-one support at all times. Through this highly intimate and incredibly confidential approach, she is able to discover more about her clients and use this information to make informed decisions. While offering a professional service at all times, the nature of the business means deep trust is vital to securing success. In short order, the men Chris represents individually (never more than a handful at a time) often feel she has known them their entire lives. When people turn to the 4M Club, they do so because they know that Chris herself is within reach at all times. Her clients can call, text or email her within reasonable hours, with a response often received within minutes, and certainly within 24 hours, depending on the urgency. With matters of the heart, she knows that it pays to be quick, kind and reactive at all times. Nov21651 4M Club LLC Best Elite Matchmaking Agency - North America Needless to say, the sort of man who turns to Chris varies, but the right client pays a handsome fee to secure her services. Most are high-level businessmen, but 4M Club has matched celebrities, heirs and professional athletes too. The net worth of the man turning to Chris to find their life partner is generally $25M to $100M, with an average annual income of $3-5M. No matter what the individual’s value, the select pool of quality women applies to each bachelor hiring 4M, and these ladies are never privy to her clients’ income and/or net worth. The challenges of 2020-2021 were obvious when it came to the dating scene. The need to lockdown and reduce contact meant that owner, Chris Stelmack, pivoted how 4M Club operated during the Pandemic. The firm took six months off in 2020 for safety reasons at the height of Covid, with some clients unable or unwilling to fly around the U.S. to meet their match. A few saw their contracts extended, while others met up with their potential matches ensuring they followed Pandemic protocol at all times. 4M Club did not accept new millionaires until the severity of the situation could be understood and accounted for. This was critical to Chris – safety preceded gross revenue. Now, however, business is flourishing again (one bachelor at a time) as this luxury organization tends to the brightest and best that the world has to offer. For high flyers of every prosperous background looking for that perfect woman, Chris with 4M Club must be the first elite matchmaker you turn to – she’ll even pre-work with you at no obligation for a week or two (to see how you professionally work together.) A prospect hiring Chris’ agency begins immediately with a quality match HE chose during the “no-obligation” period. With care and attention second to none, you can be certain of an experience to remember; along with beautiful and intelligent career women presented you, where you always have final say. Company: 4M Club LLC Contact: Christine Stelmack Web Address: Email: [email protected] For the multimillionaire bachelor looking for Ms. Right, the first port of call should always be 4M Club LLC. For over twenty years, Christine (Chris) Stelmack strives to find the perfect partner for her exclusive clientele, leading to lives of adventure and happiness. Her achievements have been justly recognised for excellent results in the LUXlife LUX Global Excellence Awards 2021. We take a closer look at how she does it! N Page 13 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Founded in 2002, Bella Public Relations combines originality and proactive thinking to produce transparent results for its clients’ businesses. Acknowledged as a dynamic PR and social media firm, Bella PR represents a majority of the modern world’s leading boutique and mass-market brands within several top-tier sectors such as beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle. “Whether it’s creating a buzz for specific products, gaining exposure for personal lifestyle regimes or overseeing international launches, we know how to make things beautiful. In addition, we nurture emerging talent within the industry by building strong relationships with editors, experts and celebrities/influencers. At Bella PR, we create the trends,” states Founder and Owner Marla Russo. The ultimate objective for Bella PR is to understand its client’s business and industry – prioritizing what the essence of their brand is and what sets them apart from their own competitors in order to market a completely unique and individualized approach to their client’s brand. Being able to grasp the concept of one’s brand identity properly, company ethos and backbone of a business is the entire foundation for all Bell PR does. In doing so, the firm is able to focus on strategies and put a direct focus and energy into creating programs that capture the attention of the media. Bella PR’s primary mission is to provoke an immediate reaction by generating awareness Nov21657 Bella Public Relations Best PR Firm - Northeast USA and media buzz around its clients to showcase their relevancy and inspiration. To do this, Bella PR relays the importance of the brand’s image by ensuring consumers connect emotionally to the company. Additionally, the firm generates continuous news around its clients to produce excitement about their product, business, or brand, allowing partners and relevant trendsetters and influencers to interact with the clients. In essence, Bella PR is a client’s biggest hype-girl, pushing the limits, talking up the company and showcasing their offerings in the best light possible. Bella PR has had a sole focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle markets for over twenty years. With copious amounts of experience and industry knowledge, the firm has represented some of the industry’s top US and international fashion, beauty and lifestyle companies. Marla states, “ We know the key influencers in the market and how to get our clients talked about. We are immersed in ‘these’ worlds in NYC and learn what’s trending. So we think big, act big and invite our clients to do the same – take a risk and be daring. Bella PR will always bring exciting ideas and approaches.” PR and marketing are in a completely different area when it comes to industry rivals, as not only do you need to market your own firm to stand out from competitors but do the same for clients as well. Marketing a PR company all comes down to how well you are able to market your clients; therefore, Bella PR ensures that its clients stay on top of trends by bringing new and exciting ideas or products to the industry. At Bella PR, the firm is continuously learning and growing, pushing itself to be increasingly more creative, innovative, and proactive to develop diverse strategies for its PR and social media clients. “The social media world is constantly changing and evolving, so we have to always be on top of all new trends, platforms, services, and more. We need to know ‘who’s who’ on all platforms from Instagram to TikTok,” explains Marla – as in order to beat the competition, you must know everything about them. Currently for Bella PR, there are big plans in the works for the new year to develop and build its client roster with more massmarket brands. Additionally, with the recent celebration of its 20th anniversary, the firm is looking forward to another 20 more, continuing to evolve and grow its reputation within the industry. Company Name: Bella Public Relations, Inc. Contact Name: Marla Russo Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Based in New York City, Bella Public Relations is considered a creative and innovative firm that is able to develop powerful and cuttingedge programs to elevate its client’s marketing capabilities. Recognized as the Best PR Firm in Northeast USA, Bella has been influencing the industry for nearly two decades with the support of the long-term relationships built with clients, solidifying her successful reputation.

Page 14 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Founded in 2011, SiteStaff Chat is the best-in-class live chat service that provides the only ROI guarantee in the industry. Recognized as the Best Live Chat Service Provider within the USA, SiteStaff Chat provides an online support staff to meet and greet clients’ website visitors. This is done by assisting them with navigation, answering basic questions and providing direction - ultimately making them feel more comfortable about its clients’ value and services. SiteStaff Chat Best Live Chat Service Provider - USA Nov21488 SiteStaff Chat is a proactive live chat service provider for elite businesses, offering the most personalized services. The company is highly regarded within the industry due to its ability to adapt and learn; thus, its professional understanding has become a highly valued extension of its client’s culture. Director of Operations Wendi Jennings states, “We serve as their virtual front door to ensure a positive first experience as well as offer the best representation of their brand. We are an extension of the clients we serve and specialize in providing empathy for businesses that require more consultative support.” Essentially, web visitors require and deserve a fantastic encounter. SiteStaff Chat provides that great experience leading to more opportunities and more profits. Unfortunately, from recent data, roughly 97% of website visitors won’t act or initiate contact through a site. However, SiteStaff Chat can change this. Placing a skillfully trained, college educated, US Based live receptionist on the website, humanizes the experience and converts visitors into paying customers. The industry in which SiteStaff Chat leads is often stereotyped as automated and impersonal due to the technology associated with chat. However, the company specializes in a high touch, personalized approach. SiteStaff Chat differentiates itself from its competitors by being highly customizable, focused on compassion, and employing a well-educated team. Our staff members are loyal, happy, and well supported. The company communicates frequently to ensure and maintain respect and appreciation for what members contribute to the team. “Satisfied employees lead to exceptional performance,” states Wendi. Since the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for chat has increased because most people are conducting business online. “More than ever, businesses recognize that if they spend money on SEO and do not link that with live chat services, they are missing out on opportunities and qualified leads,” states Wendi. Therefore, to stay ahead of the industry, SiteStaff Chat is continually developing better software, systems, and support. Additionally, its close connection to its customers envelops a family type atmosphere that provides trust, respect, and accountability. Customers can rely on quick responses and open lines of communication. “We are an extension of their business, and we treat all interactions with a sense of urgency and respect. We engage quickly, represent our clients professionally and with empathy, and we make visitors feel welcome and appreciated,” states Wendi. Currently, the company aims to focus on redesigning their website to reflect its brand and improve technology, systems, and marketing/ social media presence. The goal is to form a better collaboration with partners. SiteStaff Chat is able to set such high targets due to the way business is conducted with clients. Wendi explains, “We are always open to receiving feedback from our clients and seeking ways to improve. We regularly talk about how we can make our processes better for everyone. Our most important focus is always the happiness of the clients we serve.” For SiteStaff Chat, being acknowledged as the Best Live Chat Service Provider USA within the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2021, is a tremendous and valued achievement. Gratitude is bestowed upon its members and clients for entrusting the company in providing terrific results – results that only a company as innovative as SiteStaff Chat can achieve. Company Name: SiteStaff Chat Contact Name: Wendi Jennings Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] SiteStaff Chat A Page 15 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards KOA is a company managing and running over 500 campsites across North America that connect modern people and the thriving outdoor world. Its sites are little havens of natural beauty that allow the safe and easy way to enjoy nature, with family-friendly sites equipped with a range of amenities and making it the perfect getaway. It prides itself on creating an exemplary space for its customers to enjoy the great outdoors. It offers plot spaces for both RV and tent campers, and its campsites offer a wide range of experiences and landscapes to explore, helping people get outside to change them on the inside, cultivating good mental health hygiene. KOA was founded in 1962 to create unforgettable outdoor moments. It also operates on a franchise business model, and due to this the KOA family has seen massive growth as more sites seek to become part of it. In 1983, Point South KOA was bought by the Olendorf family who have a staunch dedication to serving the camping and outdoor leisure industry. That site is a stopping point on the US interstate highway I-95. The core values that KOA prides itself on are clean, well-cared-for environments that are trusted to be consistently excellent. Thanks to the rapid success of its expansion, KOA sites are a regular sight on the roads of North America; and in the early 2000s it added the principle of targeted hospitality to its business model. This is much like that used in the hotel or motel industry, one that focuses on defining a company’s customer and adapting its internal structure accordingly to best suit its target market. This also feeds into the usual location of KOA’s sites. Given that most of them are found off highways or located conveniently close to the nervous system of roads that run through the country, they form excellent getaways for travellers. KOA bills itself as good for both quick stops and long getaways, delivering convenience to the campers and allowing them to take some of the stress out of Aug21099 Point South KOA Campgrounds of the Year - South Carolina organizing stopovers on the road. KOA also takes great pride in providing activities at the site that will make it a memorable stay. Both inside the campsite itself and in exploration of the surrounding area, KOA offers relaxation and excitement to keep its guests minds and bodies active; it runs recreational and staff led activities, resortstyle pools, and food venues. It also offers RV sites with patios and luxury cabins for the true comfort experience. Further to this, it offers an outdoor experience with the ‘Glamping’ design in mind for those of its guests who wish to retain home comforts whilst enjoying the outdoors. Built into its business model are the concepts thrust into popularity by Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, and LeRoy Nieman, combining the Kampground of America A-Frame model. This building design format was debuted in 1962 and has remained a stalwart element of iconic franchised campgrounds since. Since the turn of the century, Point South KOA has been adapting and changing in line with the new flexible operational model. Now, it is no longer an average campground with a national brand logo affiliation, but a hospitality centric site that serves the upper income camping traveller, most notably the echelons of this target market who own motorhomes or trailers and travel in them often. Some of its customers even use these vehicles as their second homes, facilitating a life of untethered luxury travel. It is at this site that it displays artworks by Alexander Calder, LeRoy Nieman, Ivan Albright, and other artists, further enhancing the bespoke feel of a vacation at this location. KOA has a rule that runs through all of its operations, stating that any business is first and foremost 70% people and 30% built environment; one can blow an entire budget on the creation of a beautiful site, but if the people who work there are unhappy and unfulfilled, it won’t matter. Therefore, South Point KOA takes great pride in hiring the best of the best and has developed an in-depth training process to onboard new staff members. Today, KOA’s challenges have been manifesting in managing the impacts of the pandemic. With its large sites and well thought out designs however, it lent itself nicely to social distancing rules, and found implementing safety rules was a seamless process. It wishes to reinforce the idea that outdoor holidays like the ones it offers are some of the best options for a getaway in a world still facing the impacts of Covid-19. Furthermore, in the future, it wishes to keep only improving its services. In the next few years, it will be adding yet more ‘Glamping’ features such as another brand-new lodge. Company: Point South KOA Contact: William Olendorf Website: A luxury camping and outdoor experience franchise, KOA has a vast network of exemplary sites across North America, and its growth shows no signs of stopping. Nov21349

Page 16 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards In the modern world, not-forprofit organisations and donors are significantly stretched in terms of sustainable sources of support. The Bermuda Foundation, winner of the Best Community Support Organisation award, is a public grant-making organisation which pools, stewards, and deploys funds from unrelated donors to improve the quality of life in Bermuda. Bermuda Foundation Best Community Support Organisation - Bermuda Aug21136 Internationally accredited, the Foundation has a multi-faceted mandate: it assists philanthropists to realise their charitable goals, invests in a permanent charitable asset for the community, and makes and facilitates grants to the non-profit sector. As the community foundation for the jurisdiction, its focus is on a broad range of local needs. Since it was established in 2014, it has become known for its flexibility, agility, and responsiveness. For example, following confirmation of the Covid-19 pandemic, it demonstrated the value of its infrastructure and leadership by taking a key role in coordinating an early response to the emerging crisis. This meant that those most vulnerable in the community received vital assistance right from the start. The Foundation assists clients with developing and implementing their philanthropic visions and establishing funds for them to address the most pressing issues in Bermuda. This work enables corporations, individuals, and families to establish customised charitable endowment funds without the cost and effort of setting up a private foundation. Donors’ funds are coinvested and managed to maximise returns for the support of Bermuda’s non-profit sector, while the principal remains untouched. The Foundation directs its efforts and dollars to priority community concerns with the long-term aim of delivering sustainable and lasting solutions. This focus is determined by monitoring key social indicators and their consequences for the most vulnerable people. In terms of social outcomes, the Foundation manages a standardised year-end reporting system that is available to all fund holders, and also supports leadership and organisational development through non-profit partnerships and sponsorships. Most recently, the Foundation has organised a united response to a request from the nonprofit sector to provide Covid-19 antigen tests to enable them to continue to deliver services without endangering employees, volunteers, and clients. This has meant acquiring enough tests to withstand a monthly testing regime and lifting the burden of funding from direct service providers. Ensuring it stays in touch with emerging developments in the non-profit sector and the field of philanthropy, the Foundation has surveyed the community – designing and launching the country’s first Vital Signs Report. This report establishes social priorities and highlights areas where more work needs to be done. As the Foundation approaches its eighth anniversary, it plans to adjust its course. Having spent its start-up years building the organisation, attaining accreditation, gathering data, and earning the trust of the community, the Foundation is well established and “fit for purpose”. Now is the time to prioritise endowment growth, to ensure its work for the community continues for many years to come. Company Name: Bermuda Foundation Contact Name: Myra Virgil Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Nov21307 A Page 17 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Michel Herbelin, spent several years in a local watchmaking factory in Charquemont, a village in the heart of the Jura mountains. Whilst he worked, he picked up skills; however, his perpetually high-standards and delicate taste defined a craft that could not be formed in this local manufacture alone. Thus, Michel embarked on a new adventure; on the top floor of his parent house, he opened up his own workshop, and by the age of 26, his passion and love of precision mechanics had enabled him to produce his first watch. After continuous successes in his craft, Michel then handed down the business to his sons, Jean-Claude and Pierre-Michel, who then, in 2020, continued the generational business and passed it down once again to Michel’s grandchildren Maxime and Mathieu Herbelin. The family-run business is booming due to its highly regarded skills and craft and its homage to the French heritage; the class, style, and modern innovation contributed and instilled from each generation, past, present, and future. Together, they are ready to take up the challenge of developing this historic flagship of French watchmaking for three generations. All watches designed at Michel Herbelin are assembled by hand and inspected in the brands French workshop, creating timepieces intended to last by respecting artisan knowhow and adding a touch of French elegance. The brand employs 80 people in their HO, manufactures 80,000 watches per year, and sells in 2,500 points of sale in 50 countries worldwide. For Michel Herbelin, developing a sustainability policy into their production and Aug21158 Michel Herbelin Best Luxury European Watch Brand 2021 work environment and using eco-friendly materials is a modern focus for the company. Therefore, Michel Herbelin uses the latest technology to produce their watches, using inspiration from the fashion industry and art world to fuel innovative designs. Michel Herbelin has been able to maintain its high recognition in the world of affordable luxury brand watches due to its ability to adapt to changes, all whilst respecting the French tradition of watchmaking. Moreover, Michel Herbelin is able to work with their retailer’s side by side, providing a bespoke service and developing marketing and sales strategies to fulfil each individual client needs. This significant difference reflects the spirit of a family run business. Furthermore, this year, 2022, the company will be celebrating the brands 75th anniversary and with that will reveal some newer changes such as a logo, watch models, shops and an advertising campaign. Overall, Michel Herbelin is working tirelessly to become the most affordable luxury watch brand within Europe after dominating the French market. With the company’s generational input, creativity, and passion, their future looks very promising. Contact Name: Claudia Ferreira Ferro Company Name: Michel Herbelin Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Michel Herbelin is a well-known company formed from young Michel’s dreams, who against his parents wishes to join the family’s business began to study watchmaking to achieve his own reputation as the Best Luxury European Watch Brand. The independent company is run by three generations and has created fine watches since its establishment in 1947. Nov21289

Page 18 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards To have the ability to create some of the most beautiful designs and become a part of someone’s story, history and future, is one of the best things to be involved in. However, at Rachel Tucker Studios, awarded the Best Fine Jewellery Manufacturer in Ontario, the most wonderful part of the journey is the one taken within a bespoke jewellery process – celebrating love in many forms. Rachel Tucker Studios Inc. The Best Bespoke Jewellery in Toronto & Best Fine Jewellery Manufacturer - Ontario Aug21193 Based in Toronto, Rachel Tucker Studios is a luxury jewellery manufacturer specialising in custom-designed pieces, servicing both the public and the trade by offering a unique perspective on everyday and occasion jewellery. Unparalleled within the industry for its impeccable quality of craftsmanship, its team of highly skilled goldsmiths can create stunning bespoke jewellery to be used for any occasion. The studio’s objective is to create expertly made jewellery pieces that last a lifetime as future heirlooms. Each piece within the workshop is treated as a VIP job with the most finite of details taken into consideration. Moreover, personal details are added to each piece created, thus ensuring a personal connection to the wearer. Overall, the studios specialist relies heavily on innovation and out-of-the-box design concepts that allow each customer to feel unique in their process and design. Doing this ensures that each piece is entirely different, which enables the studio to remain at the top of the industry by providing bespoke designs and a personal experience that is remembered and appreciated by the customer. For RTS, a significant part of its custom work involves remounting older jewellery pieces to give them new life. Thus, clients can come in with jewellery that is no longer worn, and the studio can create a fresh, contemporary design based on the customer’s thoughts and ideas. A significant aspect of the studio is that it offers in-person appointments in which the founder, Rachel Tucker, personally hand paints each design to scale, giving the customer an intimate and personalised view into what the finished piece will look like. Offering this service is incredibly rare, needing expert and precise skills that take years to perfect. Moreover, hand painted sketches offer a particular warmth within the details that computerised images cannot convey. Due to the studios office and workshop being within the same space, customers have the exclusive ability to view the process of how their jewellery is made from design to assembly and polishing. Moreover, customers can interact with the goldsmiths making their jewellery, a process that RTS makes transparent, which is another additional rare service offered as most jewellers do not provide this. Adding to the studio’s unique operations and services, RTS has an in-house laser, a machine that provides extreme precision that the traditional torch method does not provide. Currently, RTS is creating an inventory of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery for 2022, working with rare and usual gems to ensure that nothing made at the studio can be found at any other jewellery shop. Whilst the studio will still be working with a traditional selection of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, RTS will begin focusing on less common gemstones like spinel, chalcedony, labradorite and morganite, to name a few. RTS works with several high-end gem suppliers within the industry; however, one in particular has been supplying the studio with museum-quality gemstones, which will be the focus of its new inventory. This supplier travels directly to the mines in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, and more to purchase raw materials that his stonecutter facets into unusual and wildly brilliant cuts that are a rarity in the jewellery industry. Thus, its special connection to this supplier and its various skills concerning expertise, craftsmanship, design and attention to detail aids in the expansion of the national reputation that is Rachel Tucker Studios. Excellent bespoke and one of a kind jewellery that Rachel and her team handcraft is a rare experience highlighted through the jewellery making process. Company Name: Rachel Tucker Studios Inc. Contact Name: Rachel Tucker Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Nov21219 N Page 19 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Based in Sydney, Australia, Millennium Communications is a creative PR agency that aims to strengthen businesses worldwide by creating and executing bespoke solutions for companies that aren’t confined by a budget. Millennium Communications was founded with a backbone of many years of experience within events, public relations, media relations, social & digital media, content creation, influencer marketing and reputation management. The company has an overall goal to help businesses build long-lasting relationships with unique sensory experiences that capture the heart of their customers. By understanding what it takes to achieve these relationships, Millennium Communications uses its business method that is entirely transparent and honest about what it takes to have its clients reach specific targets. The company was established in 2016 by Cassandra Hili, who began her journey into PR after the success of a personal lifestyle and fitness blog that she launched at the impressive age of 17. Cassandra captured a dedicated following on her social media platforms, with over a quarter of a million fans international across YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. Due to her inspiring persona, Cassandra was asked to feature on several media Nov21102 Millennium Communications Best Beauty & Lifestyle PR Agency - New South Wales outlets worldwide, forging connections and compellingly mastering her craft - tantalising her following. Shortly after her rise to recognition, Cassandra became a Vision Partner at The Entourage, educating business owners on ways to brand their organisation within the modern-day media. To date, Cassandra has subsequently been showcased in Forbes, Daily Mail, Yahoo, and many more. In addition to her intensifying success, Cassandra has been listed within the Top 50 Business Leader by Inside Small Business and was a finalist in the Young Entrepreneurs Awards Sydney 2019. Cassandra’s list of remarkable achievements and qualifications, along with her strong innovative approach to consultations and business, allows Millennium Communications to offer genuine results. With a business ethic on a platform of integrity, honesty, trust and connection, Millennium Communications is able to care for a brand with the same passion and drive for success as its clientele. Its dedication and perseverance to provide high-quality guidance allow its clients to feel connected and cared for while ensuring that their targets and goals are achieved promptly. Millennium Communications mission is to bring back authenticity and trust between brands and consumers by creating a 360 PR solution that cultivates conversations. To do this, the company has created campaigns that are designed to be organic and genuine. With undisclosed new and innovative ideas in the works for the new year, Millennium Communications is rising to the top of the industry as the Best Beauty and Lifestyle PR Agency in New South Wales. Company Name: Millennium Communications Contact Name: Cassandra Hili Web Address: Contact Email: cass@ Recognised as the Nest Beauty and Lifestyle PR Agency in New South Wales, Millennium Communications specialises in high-quality PR and Marketing within the beauty, fashion, restaurant and lifestyle sectors, globally supporting businesses by developing long-lasting relationships that encapsulate the passions of its customers.

Page 20 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Everyone loves a good cake or pastry. With even more trends in the food market arising from artisanal baked goods, vegan and gluten-free creations, and handcrafted edible masterpieces - why should anyone miss out? Not even the tinies and furriest friends will be left out at Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique, recognized as the Best Pet Cake and Pastry Retailer. Paw Patch Pastries Best Pet Cakes & Pastries Retailer 2021 Nov21089 Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique was founded by Carla Ocfemia, a culinary graduate from the California Culinary Academy, who began her baking journey for pets after one of her furry friends became diagnosed with cancer. Out of pure necessity, Carla opted for a healthier diet for her pet to help them have balanced meals and safe treats that were natural and tasty. After her journey with baking for her dogs, Carla decided that creating treats for animals was much more rewarding than to her traditional clientele – people. While Carla did train in an Academy meant for humans, once she decided to go into the business for pets, she took up additional training to understand dietary needs for pets to ensure that all her treats were still able to be healthy, beautiful, and tasty. Understanding an animal’s diet vs., that of a human can take extensive time and dedication as each animal, like people, can and cannot consume certain items. For instance, a regular human may enjoy avocados, dark chocolate, and blueberry for their antioxidants, but for dogs, even in small quantities, it could seriously damage their health. However, after all her endeavours and with the best of hope, Carla’s dog unfortunately passed in 2010. So, she quit her job within corporate America and began a journey that served her heart and her animal friends’ bellies. After extensive amounts of research and training, Carla pursued an immensely successful trip with the opening of Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique. Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique specializes in a delectable array of treats. It caters to doggie birthdays, weddings, and other speciality moments, serving healthy and fun pastries and cookies for pets. Carla aims to ensure that all her animal customers can celebrate any meaningful moment with a completely customizable treat made safe to eat using the highest quality of ingredients – even a human could have it. Due to her background from the California Culinary Academy and her research and training in animal nutrition, Carla can cater to any diet or specialized needs for pets, giving a unique treat experience to all who enter without a lack in flavour. While the aim is to make everything edible within its healthier form, Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique also ensures that all animals diets will be taken care of with precision and attention to detail, without diluting the fun flavour and quality of the products. For Carla, it is imperative that she share her health knowledge and incorporate it into her baking, layered with information, creativity, and passion. At Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique, the core of their values is to make something special for the love of pets, and everyday members of staff come into work and spread joy and baked happiness to all owners who enter. Carla embraced her culinary change over a decade ago and, since her establishment within this niche industry, has perfected and expressed her passion through her business. She’s genuinely recognized as someone who loves every client’s pet just as much as their owners, and it shows through her dedication and her immense amount of knowledge that aids in creating such delicate and delicious treats. While Carla has loved everything she has done at the San Francisco location, she is thrilled to announce that she is moving Paw Patch Pastry Pet Boutique to Westlake Shopping Centre in Daly City, California. With a new destination on the horizon, bigger and better things are in store for the shop with the addition of monthly events, pup parties and exciting new pastries, all to come by 2022. Company: Paw Patch Pastries Name: Carla Ocfemia Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: +1 415-598-9663