Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 10 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Architecture is as much about form as about function. The best architects understand that they are artists that create living, livable spaces that can breathe life into the areas they occupy. Whether they work in residential, commercial, or governmental spaces, this truth remains at the core of their work. This equilibrium remains a constant, regardless of who or what the space is for. Pal Pang is an architect that has long celebrated this simple fact about the field he works in and has endeavored to challenge paradigms and push the boundaries on what can be achieved. As Pang emphasizes, architecture is all about space. How it is used, how it could be used, how it interacts with the people that use it. “Designers and architects should always keep in mind the changing needs of the consumer. The changing needs of those that use a space. That’s the key to timeless design, as I see it.” This perspective has only been reinforced by the pandemic over the last couple of years, with greater importance placed on space design to accommodate for both current and potential future needs. “People define spaces. With people now spending more time indoors as the result of the pandemic, we must rethink and adapt how we go about designing these spaces for alternative and extended use. There’s more of an emphasis on meetings needs across the board, whatever they might be,” Pang enthuses. Dec21093 Another Design International Best Interior & Architecture Studio - London Following the well-deserved recognition in LUXlife’s Global Excellence programme, we sat down with Another Design International’s Founder Mr Pal Pang to discuss the ethos, drive and future of the studio. “I am looking to inspire people.” -Mr Pal Pang